“Open that ‘forbidden door’ for him” – Booker T wants top IMPACT star in WWE to face Roman Reigns

Booker T feels Impact World Champion Moose should get a chance to be in WWE and square off with Roman Reigns.

The company recently opened the ‘forbidden door’ by announcing that Mickie James will be in the Royal Rumble, despite being the reigning Impact Knockouts Champion. James may not be the only one to be allowed past the ‘forbidden door’ as there are other plans for the upcoming Rumble.

Booker T, on his Hall of Fame podcast, stated that the “forbidden door” should be opened for Moose. The Hall of Famer feels that the Impact World Champion ticks all the boxes to be a success in WWE.

“I tell you, man, the guy is a specimen. Just say, for instance, if you’re building a team and you look across and you see a guy like Moose, you’ve got to say, ‘Get me that guy over here right now. That’s the guy I need.’ You look at him, he checks off every box when you look at him. And then when he gets in the ring, you say, ‘Wait a minute, this guy can work.’

“He was talking about wanting to work with Roman Reigns perhaps one day. I think he should get a chance. If you’re looking for a seasoned veteran, who can go out there and perform, I’m talking about Heavyweight vs Heavyweight, from a believable perspective, open that ‘forbidden door’ for him and let him perform,” said Booker T.

You can watch the full episode of the Hall of Fame Podcast below:

Booker T has given Moose his stamp of approval and thinks the IMPACT star can be trusted to put on a good show at any pay-per-view.

Moose recently teased a match with Roman Reigns in WWE

IMPACT World Champion Moose quickly challenged Universal Champion Roman Reigns to a match.

Moose is a former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and two-time Impact Grand Champion apart from his current title, the IMPACT World Champion.

He had previously hinted at a feud with Reigns in a cryptic promo, where he even targeted AEW’s Kenny Omega.

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