WWE News Roundup: Reason behind Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins at Royal Rumble, Grand Slam Champion teases big return (13th January, 2021)

We are back with another exciting edition of the WWE News roundup. Today’s list includes an interesting take on the upcoming match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Additionally, we came across bold comments and comparisons, including former and current superstars from the company.

Here, we look at the biggest stories that have dominated WWE headlines over the last 24 hours.

#1 WWE authority figure reveals why he chose Seth Rollins as Roman Reigns’ challenger

Seth Rollins is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble 2022. Adam Pearce recently explained the reason behind booking this match on The Bump.

He said that he was motivated by the history between the two superstars and feels their friendship and rivalry over the years will account for an intriguing title bout.


“You know, the thing about finding Roman’s challenger is that you need to scour every nook, every cranny, and you’ve got to find somebody that you believe is a formidable challenge to Roman Reigns,” Adam Pearce said. “What landed me on Seth, is history… I think Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins with everything they’ve been through, with everything they’ve stood together for and against, makes a very intriguing matchup and one that I know Mr. Reigns is not happy about, but here we are. They trusted me to make the decision and it’s official.”

Seth Rollins has never lost against Roman Reigns in a title match. The two WWE Superstars were once a part of The Shield – one of the most famous stables in the history of the company.

This feud has been in the making for months, and they are finally set to engage in an in-ring battle for the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns was right to believe that he had unparalleled domination over the SmackDown roster. Thus, it made for a good surprise when WWE RAW’s Rollins knocked on his door in sync with The Shield’s entrance theme.

#2 Bayley teases big return at WWE Royal Rumble 2022

Bayley recently teased a potential return at Royal Rumble 2022. She is currently out with a knee injury, but when the promotion asked fans if Kayla Braxton should compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble, Bayley quickly responded.

Bayley recently shared an update about her injury and said she is doing well. She admitted that she was ready to perform but did not give away a timeframe of her potential return.

“My knee is doing great, my leg’s doing great, my ankle’s doing great, my shin is doing great, my hip is doing great, my mind is doing great…so, I mean, it’s only a matter of time. I’m not gonna tell you when, and I don’t want all these idiots watching to know when, but I’m gonna be coming back soon…you better be ready.”

Bayley could be one of the surprise entrants at the 2022 Royal Rumble if she is cleared for in-ring action. She has never won the Royal Rumble before and will look to add another milestone to her illustrious career.

#3 WWE Hall of Famer criticizes Hulk Hogan’s controversial comments

Booker T hit back at Hulk Hogan for his remarks on Covid-19 vaccines. Hogan had said that celebrities like Betty White and Sidney Poitier died after taking the vaccine. Booker T did not take kindly to those comments and said that people who lack information should refrain from commenting on such vital issues.

“It’s amazing some of the stuff people say when they just don’t know. I really don’t have a whole lot of respect for someone saying something like that, especially when they have no idea what happened to this person or not,” said Booker T.

He also urged his co-host, Brad Gilmore, to stop him if he ever starts saying something “stupid and radical” because of his age.

#4 Kurt Angle compares WWE RAW Superstar to Triple H

Kurt Angle recently weighed in on the comparisons drawn between WWE RAW Superstar Robert Roode and veteran Triple H. Angle feels that the parallels between the two superstars are justified as they both have similar builds and move in the same way.

“They are identical in a lot of ways. They move the same way. You know, they are built almost the same way. I think they have a lot of things in common with each other,” said Kurt Angle.

He also said that he never doubted Robert Roode’s success in WWE. Angle feels that the latter’s mannerisms and work made him look like a star right from the beginning. Roode currently works alongside Dolph Ziggler in RAW’s tag team division.

#5 Nikki Bella discusses potential WWE future

WWE recently confirmed that the Bella Twins will compete in the Women’s Royal Rumble later this month. Nikki Bella also discussed a potential run after the Royal Rumble and said she has been officially cleared to compete in the ring, and feels that a possible WWE comeback is beautiful.

“In the world of any professional sport, people always make comebacks, but what’s beautiful about WWE is that we can make comebacks as many times as we want as long as our bodies let us and doctors (let us). I’ve officially got cleared,” noted Nikki Bella.

Nikki and Brie Bella will be two of several legends returning for the Women’s Royal Rumble. Other big names include Michelle McCool, Lita, and Kelly Kelly. However, the biggest at the moment is Mickie James, as she currently holds the Impact Knockout Championship, and her participation effectively breaks down the “Forbidden Door.”

#6 Booker T shares opinion on WWE commentator’s in-ring return

Accoring to recent reports, Corey Graves is now clear for an in-ring return. Booker T feels it may not be the wisest decision to let Graves move from the commentary team and become an in-ring performer again.

The Hall of Famer believes Corey Graves does a brilliant job on the mic and is best suited to call the in-ring action from the commentary desk.

“He’s done so good at being a commentator, what the hell is he thinking wanting to get back in the ring… and perhaps something happens, something pops. I just think Corey is doing such a hell of a job as a commentator… If I was in a hiring position, I would not want to lose a Corey Graves just because he would be so hard to replace,” said Booker T.

He insisted that it would be tough to replace Corey Graves on the commentary team. However, Booker T wished him the best should he choose to return as an in-ring competitor.

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