WWE SmackDown – Best and worst- Possible reason why Roman Reigns was off, Big problem with Brock Lesnar’s fine revealed

Last week’s WWE SmackDown was an uncharacteristically weak show. We’re glad to report that our favorite Friday night mainstay is back in form this week with a truly amazing episode.

There was much to like about this week’s WWE SmackDown and honestly, the positives outweigh the negatives by a fair margin. This is one person’s opinion. So if you feel otherwise, do mention your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

This should have honestly been the season premiere of WWE SmackDown because it set the stage for the remainder of the season in a fantastic way. There was an element of freshness to the episode that wasn’t there last week.

Let’s however, give the benefit of the doubt to the cast and crew because they must have been weary after a long flight. Right from WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia to The United States of America for another live performance.

#3 Best/Worst: What’s a WWE SmackDown without Roman Reigns like?

Roman Reigns wasn’t a part of WWE SmackDown this week and it’s easy to guess why. The next big feud for him will be either with Big E or Seth Rollins leading into Survivor Series. There’s no point starting yet another feud when the payoff will be at a much later date.

Honestly, a WWE SmackDown episode without Roman Reigns wasn’t all that bad. Heck, it allowed The Usos to shine in the main event spot as they tore the house down with The New Day. That said, Roman Reigns is a big star and his presence was missing for sure.

What did you think of Roman Reigns not being a part of WWE SmackDown this week? Is it a good idea to keep him off TV once in a while?

#2 Best: Shotzi was the star of WWE SmackDown this week

WWE SmackDown belonged to Shotzi this week as she put on a show-stealing performance against Charlotte Flair. The two women had the match of the night.

And the fact that she’s been thrown into the mix with the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and Sasha Banks speaks volumes for the confidence that the company has in her. Was this the reason that her tag team alliance with Tegan Nox was ended?

#2 Worst: Does anyone buy the idea of the fine hurting Brock Lesnar financially?

Over the years, we’ve all learned just how well-off Brock Lesnar is, financially. We’ve also learned that he’s a man of simple means, who prefers farming to a ‘Nature Boy’ lifestyle. So the fine imposed on WWE SmackDown, even if it is $1 million would technically just cost him another Saudi Arabian payday.

Moreover, Adam Pearce looked to be in the pink of health following the attack. The fine should have been imposed during a later WWE SmackDown episode. Pearce should have sold the injury.

#1 Best: Rebuilding Drew McIntyre on WWE SmackDown step by step

Drew McIntyre is racking up those WWE SmackDown wins and this is a positive step. Remember that he lost to Bobby Lashley and then again to Big E, which damaged his stock a fair bit.

If he’s to be a threat for Roman Reigns going forward, he needs to be rebuilt into a warrior again. Hey, did you check out the fact that this WWE SmackDown win happened with a Kimura Lock, something Brock Lesnar is known to do?

#1 Worst: No role for Jeff Hardy?

How do you have Jeff Hardy as a part of your roster and not have any real plans for him? On a previous WWE SmackDown episode, he retreated from Brock Lesnar, and this week, he was booked in a silly backstage skit with Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss.

Jeff Hardy could be doing so much more, working with younger stars to get them over. It’s crazy to think that there’s no spot for him across two hours of WWE SmackDown.


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