“I’ll job for Roman Reigns” – WWE Superstar reacts to social media comments

Hit Row’s Top Dolla, one of WWE SmackDown’s newest additions, recently addressed fans who want to see a match between him and Roman Reigns.

Both superstars are currently part of the Blue brand. The Hit Row member has previously expressed interest in facing Reigns and even directly stated to the Universal Champion that he could ‘take one hell of a spear.’

Speaking on his Jobbing Out podcast, Top Dolla (real name – A.J. Francis) brought up social media comments that declared he would surely lose to The Tribal Chief in a dream match between them. The 31-year-old said he is looking forward to that moment, questioning whether or not WWE fans who made those comments understand how the business works.

“They’ll [people on the internet] be like, ‘I wanna see Top Dolla versus Roman Reigns.’ Then people will be like, ‘Yeah, but they’re gonna job him out.’ They’re like, ‘They’re gonna job him.’ I’m like, ‘Bro, I’ll job for Roman Reigns.’ What the hell? Do you understand this business?” said Top Dolla.

Top Dolla on why he has no issue losing to Roman Reigns in WWE

The Hit Row member also explained that just being in the ring with Reigns is a win for superstars.

After all, the ‘Island of Relevancy’ is not just a throwaway term. It’s been proven that any mid-card talent who steps up to The Tribal Chief gets a chance to shine under WWE’s main event spotlight briefly.

“Let’s be 100 percent honest here, if you’re in the ring with Roman Reigns, you’re winning. Even if you’re not winning, you’re winning because you’re in the ring with Roman Reigns,” stated Top Dolla. (H/T – POST Wrestling)

Earlier this month, Top Dolla took to Twitter to highlight the unscripted nature of Hit Row’s WWE promos. One can only imagine what would happen when they cross paths with Reigns, who’s been unscripted for a while now as well.


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