Why did Dwayne Johnson cover his Brahma Bull tattoo?

Dwayne Johnson, who’s better known to WWE fans as The Rock, is probably the most successful wrestler to step foot in the acting industry. The Great One was called ‘The Brahma Bull’ during his time in WWE and also had a tattoo representing it on his right arm.

Why did Dwayne Johnson cover his Brahma Bull tattoo?

As his fans may have already noticed, the iconic Brahma Bull tattoo is no longer visible. The Rock covered it up with a new tattoo, and the reason is simple. The Brahma Bull represented his on-screen gimmick, and it has been long since he stopped wrestling actively. The tattoo simply isn’t as relevant as it used to be.

The Rock filmed himself while covering up his iconic tattoo and posted it on Instagram. He described the change as the evolution of the bull. The People’s Champ elaborated by saying that he got the tattoo when he was just a child, and the new tattoo will reflect his personality as the man he has evolved into.

The newer version of the tattoo looks incredible. It truly represents how the Brahma Bull has evolved into something even stronger. It has awesome detailing and a hyper-realistic appearance, all thanks to Nikko Hurtado, who is definitely one of the best tattoo artists around the globe.

When was the last time Dwyane Johnson appeared in WWE?

Not long after officially announcing his pro-wrestling retirement in August 2019, Dwayne Johnson appeared on the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown on October 4th.

At the event, the former WWE Champion cut a thrilling promo after interrupting Becky Lynch and King Corbin (now known as Happy Corbin). Corbin tried to boast about how he is superior to everyone including The Rock and Becky Lynch. Lynch and The Rock then roasted Corbin and proceeded to assault him. After he was taken care of, The Rock and The Man celebrated in the ring.

Hopefully, fans will get to see The Great One in a WWE ring once again at Survivor Series 2021, as WWE will celebrate 25 Years of The Rock at the event. The WWE Universe has been waiting to see him confront Roman Reigns since Reigns’ heel turn in 2020. So will we see these cousins come face-to-face at Survivor Series 2021? Only time will reveal!

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