WWE SmackDown – 5 Possible surprises- Unexpected RAW star saves King Xavier Woods, Replacement for Adam Pearce announced

Surprisingly, WWE SmackDown has been the weaker of the two shows since the new season commenced. This could be rectified with a whole bunch of surprises, as will be illustrated in this article.

WWE SmackDown needs to make us care about the current cast of characters, which many believe pales compared to the current RAW roster. Some say that if you take out Drew McIntyre, there’s nobody to challenge Roman Reigns! In comparison, RAW ended with a spectacular ladder match, setting up Seth Rollins vs. Big E.

So, here are five possible surprises that could happen on WWE SmackDown this week. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and view on the same in the comments.

#5 WWE SmackDown sets up the Survivor Series main event

Xavier Woods is the talk of the WWE SmackDown brand as the new King of the Ring. Could The Bloodline feel like he’s taking up too much time and beat down him and Kofi Kingston? Then Big E, who’s in the backstage area, could come out to make the save.

With Brock Lesnar gone from the roster with a storyline suspension, this is something that needs to happen. One has to remember that the next big event is Survivor Series, and the marquee attraction will be Big E vs. Roman Reigns. That is unless Seth Rollins can steal the title in time to set up a fight between the two Shield brothers.

This would ensure that Roman Reigns also shows up on WWE RAW at times to boost ratings. The back-and-forth could happen for a while until Survivor Series happens and the two rosters are set in stone. Big E vs. Roman Reigns is a tough one to predict because both men have been booked thus far.

#4 Elias shows up to WWE SmackDown as an authority figure

Elias wasn’t drafted into either WWE SmackDown or RAW, making us wonder what was next for this talented superstar. Is he being packaged into an authority figure, maybe to replace Adam Pearce, who suffered the brunt of Brock Lesnar last week?

A short stint as a WWE SmackDown authority figure would do a world of good for Elias and maybe even set him up for a significant in-ring return down the line. If he shows up as a babyface, he could have disagreements with Sonya Deville, setting her up as a complete heel!

#3 Sheamus turns face and confronts Roman Reigns

Sheamus and Roman Reigns have waged many wars in the past. Each one of them has been a slugfest.

Could the newest member of the WWE SmackDown roster turn face and come out to confront Roman Reigns for yet another encounter? This time the WWE Universal Championship could be on the line. Even if Sheamus comes up short, as he probably will, this feud could garner fans’ attention to the Blue Brand.

#2 A WWE SmackDown star unexpectedly turns heel and attacks Shinsuke Nakamura

The entertaining WWE SmackDown pairing of Rick Boogs and Shinsuke Nakamura may have run its course. Now that Elias is no longer a guitar wielder, could we see Boogs destroy Nakamura with his own?

Yes, we’ve seen many acoustic guitars destroyed on WWE SmackDown and RAW, but this could be the first time for an electric guitar to join the fray. Boogs could then throw his hat in the ring with Happy Corbin and challenge for the Intercontinental Championship.

#1 Hit Row and The Bloodline come face to face

Roman Reigns and The Usos rule the roost on WWE SmackDown. Now that Hit Row is a part of the brand, the chances are that these two alpha factions will square off.

The feud could happen as early as this Friday and set up a storyline for the upcoming weeks. Since B-Fab is a part of the WWE SmackDown roster, this pairing might lead to Naomi becoming a part of The Bloodline!

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