“I loved working with Bill” – Ex-WWE star recalls his matches with Goldberg (Exclusive)

In a recent interview, former WWE Superstar Bryan Clark discussed what it was like working with Goldberg. He stated that the WWE Hall of Famer worked well with his style. Clark also alluded to the idea that he preferred Goldberg’s stiff style.

Clark shared the ring with Goldberg in his last wrestling match. As part of KroniK, Bryan Clark teamed up with Brian Adams to take on the pairing of Goldberg and Keiji Muto at AJPW’s Wrestle-1. After a long match, Goldberg and Muto came out on top. Goldberg and KroniK often collided across multiple promotions. This happened to be their last encounter as Clark retired after the match.

On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSkripted, Dr. Chris Featherstone sat down with Bryan Clark for an in-depth interview. The former WCW Tag Team Champion recalled his time inside the squared circle and touched upon a number of things, including his experience working with Goldberg:

“I love working with Bill [Goldberg]. Brian [Adams] and I were both very stiff, snug, whatever you wanna call it. That’s just my background with the military and college football and stuff. I like it that way. It needs to be tight. That’s the way I was trained and Brian was the same with the dojos over in Japan,” said Bryan Clark.

Check out Bryan Clark’s thoughts on a number of topics, including thoughts on AEW in the video below:

Goldberg is still one of the top stars in WWE

Despite being over 54 years old, Goldberg has managed to remain one of the most popular names in the wrestling industry. He is currently one of WWE’s premier stars, often drawing huge audiences and ratings spikes to the shows. His recent feud with Lashley saw him do some of the best work since his return in 2016.

Following WWE Money in the Bank, Bobby Lashley came face-to-face with Goldberg, who expressed his desire to win championship gold. Lashley wasn’t one to step down from the challenge and took on Goldberg at SummerSlam. The two titans locked horns at the biggest party of the summer but due to interference from MVP, the fight wasn’t a fair one.

Lashley picked up the advantage and beat Goldberg, later laying out his son Gage. The WWE Hall of Famer came looking for revenge and challenged Bobby Lashley to a match at Crown Jewel. There, Goldberg managed to pick up the win over The All Mighty in dominant fashion.


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