5 things we learned from WWE’s 2022 PPV schedule reveal

On October 25, 2021, WWE announced their upcoming pay-per-views for 2022. WWE President Nick Khan noted that there was a huge appetite from the WWE Universe to attend shows, so they decided to announce the details early.

It’s an exciting time as the world slowly gets back to norma

WWE’s latest pay-per-view schedule offers an insight into WWE’s plans moving forward. As it was with SummerSlam earlier this year in Las Vegas, WWE will be moving forward with more Saturday events.

Although a small number of Sunday pay-per-views are still listed, it’s a move away from the traditional Sunday night slot. Day OneRoyal RumbleMoney in the BankSummerSlam, and Survivor Series will all take place on a Saturday in 2022.

Earlier this year, WWE President Nick Khan discussed the move to Saturday’s, which started with SummerSlam in August:

“SummerSlam, that’s on Saturday. Traditionally, we’ve gone on Sunday with pay-per-views. We believe, on the sports calendar, there are certain days where there should be sports and there aren’t sports. We believe Saturday is one of those. Traditionally, we had not done that well in terms of box office in Las Vegas. If you speak of the Sunday connotation. No one has ever said, ‘Let’s go to Vegas and go crazy on a Sunday.’ (Vegas) is a Friday and Saturday night town. We thought Saturday would work for us in Vegas, and the ticket sales are reflective of that. We have a big audience and a big gate,” said Nick Khan. (h/t Comic Book)

For the WWE Universe, it allows for greater chances for attending. The WWE Universe can attend the show on Saturday and still have the rest of their weekend.

Fans across the UK will also be delighted with the news as it means they do not have to stay up through the night on a Sunday/Monday morning. For fans in India, there will be no early wake-up on a Monday morning for WWE’s biggest events.

. It appears WWE is pulling out all the stops and making plans to make it one of the best years for the WWE Universe.

That being said, let’s take a look at five things we learned from WWE’s 2022 pay-per-view schedule.

#5. WWE has penciled in a number of Saturday pay-per-views

#4. Some WWE pay-per-views still to be added

Looking at the 2022 pay-per-view schedule, there are still some missing blanks. WWE confirmed that a February and October pay-per-view is due to be added. Events scheduled for May and June are yet to be named. The pay-per-view announced for September is yet to be confirmed with a name or concrete date.

The February and October events will likely be the Saudi Arabia pay-per-views. WWE’s agreement with the Saudi General Sports Authority means the company is required to hold at least two events in the Kingdom per year.

#3. A WWE UK pay-per-view is still on the cards

Sean Ross Sapp at Fightful reported that WWE’s blank pay-per-view September is set to be a UK event. The WWE Universe in the UK has been holding tight, hoping a big event will come across the Atlantic in 2022. There was hope that SummerSlam would be the event to celebrate its 30th anniversary at Wembley Stadium.

Fans in the UK will have to wait a little bit longer before any confirmation from WWE is released. It appears a UK pay-per-view is still on the cards.

#2. WWE SummerSlam will take place in a stadium in July

For the first time since 1992, WWE SummerSlam will take place in a stadium. Nissan Stadium has been earmarked as the venue in Nashville, TN, and will take place on Saturday, July 30. The event will also mark the first time SummerSlam has been held in July.

The stadium, without floor seating, can hold 69,000 fans. WWE will be looking to jam-pack the stadium and make history in 2022.

#1. WWE WrestleMania will once again be a two-night event

Just like WrestleMania 36 and 37, WWE will be hosting WrestleMania across two nights in 2022 on April 2nd and 3rd. AT&T Stadium in Dallas will be the venue, which can hold around 100,000 fans per night. A two-night attendance record will be broken, and WWE will make an enormous amount of cash from both nights.

Of course, this will likely be the first WrestleMania in two years that fans from all over the world will be able to attend. It makes sense to extend to two nights to accommodate the demand.

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