Alexa Bliss says she will be called champ at Extreme Rules; Shayna Baszler breaks her losing streak

This week’s RAW was the last stop for the red brand prior to Extreme Rules this coming Sunday. The match representing RAW on that show will be for the RAW Women’s Championship where Charlotte Flair will be defending against Alexa Bliss. The two held a segment in Alexa’s Playground tonight which did wind up getting physical.

Before we get into the final build for the match at Extreme Rules, a total of three matches took place on RAW. The Women’s Tag Team Championships were defended in which new champions were crowned – Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. This brought the reign of Natalya & Tamina to an end at 129-days. You can click here for those results.

The first match of the night was a rematch that witnessed Eva Marie losing once again to Doudrop. The match was short, Eva ran around the ring to avoid her adversary and was pinned very shortly thereafter. Doudrop celebrated her win claiming that the Eva-Lution was over.

The second match had a video package prior to it that chronologized the partnership and subsequent breakdown of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. This has led up until recently where each took turns costing each other match wins. The two finally squared off.

The match started off with backtalk between the two. Jax tried to prove a point by attempting a Samoan drop while letting Baszler know how easy the match could be over. Baszler responded with kicks to the knees to try and get Jax down. The bout didn’t last long but the storytelling was there. Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch which caused Jax to fade as the ref called for the bell.

As Jax tried to collect herself on the ring apron, Baszler knocked her off to the ringside floor before furthering her attack. She utilized the steels steps and stomped on Jax’s arm not once but twice. Before the second time, Jax pleaded with Shayna not to do it while crying. Afterward, Jax screamed in pain on the floor as Baszler looked on unsure if she had done the right thing.

In a follow-up exclusive, Baszler says that what happened tonight is on Jax and she will not be blamed for this.

Moving on to the Alexa’s Playground segment. It started with Alexa in the ring with Lilly as she invites The Queen to come out.

Flair starts off the verbal back and forth by noting that Bliss used to be a competitor before all of her hocus pocus that she is now. Alexa says she is just here to have a girl’s night with Flair and Lilly and has noticed that Charly isn’t with the champion. That’s okay, Alexa has Charly [the crowd chants Charly].

Flair continues – she doesn’t want Charly, she wants the old Alexa Bliss back – the five feet of fury and the championship material. She says she has already beaten an Almost Superhero and a Nightmare. Next, she is going to beat a grown-ass woman who dresses like a child.

Bliss fires back by saying that no one, including Flair, knows who Charlotte Flair is without a title. If she doesn’t have a title to brag about then she doesn’t really have anything. Bliss says she doesn’t have to grasp at titles in order to stay relevant. She adds that for tonight, sure, call her crazy, but at Extreme Rules call her champ.

The two then get physical after Flair shoves the face of Bliss. Flair has Bliss knocked down on the mat when she picks up Charly and destroys her by ripping the head off of the doll. She then goes for Lilly next, but Bliss stops her with a DDT. The Queen rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ring as Bliss holds Lilly in the ring. Flair continues to rip apart Charly on the ramp.

Extreme Rules takes place this Sunday. Who do you think will walk out as RAW Women’s Champion? What did you think of what happened between Baszler and Jax? Will Doudrop finally move on from Eva Marie?

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