WWE RAW after Crown Jewel Preview: Top star to lose due to future Roman Reigns match, Champion finally returning after 21 days?

Welcome to our preview of Raw’s “new era”. It’s the season premiere and the WWE Draft has officially taken effect. We’ll be seeing refreshed rosters, with Crown Jewel now behind us.


The next major pay-per-view is Survivor Series 2021, and the build-up to the show will be interesting. This means more crossover brand invasions and a more united RAW roster for brand supremacy bragging rights next month.

Here’s what you should be looking forward to in the new era of Monday Night RAW:

#5. Who’s next for Big E in the new era of RAW?

Big E enters the new era of RAW as the face of the red brand. He defeated Bobby Lashley to win the WWE Championship and successfully retained against The Almighty as well.

A brief feud began with Drew McIntyre after that, with the classic “can they coexist?” storyline used to build heat for their WWE title match. What mattered at the end was how the match went, and it was excellent.

Big E defeated McIntyre in an entertaining WWE title bout, giving the latter his farewell to RAW after over 3-and-a-half years. The Scottish Superstar returned to SmackDown this past Friday, while Big E remains on RAW.

The obvious next opponent for Big E is Universal Champion Roman Reigns. We saw a match between them teased, but the closest they got was a triple threat match also involving Bobby Lashley – the man who took the pinfall against Roman Reigns that night.

But before the dream match takes place at Survivor Series 2021, WWE may try to build-up Big E a little more on RAW. Not that he isn’t a legitimate opponent for Reigns already, but a small feud for the WWE title could further cement him as one of The Tribal Chief‘s most important opponents of 2021.

It will be interesting to see what WWE does, but there’s a high chance that they take the disappointing route of re-doing the Big E-Bobby Lashley feud. There wasn’t much of a feud to begin with, as it only lasted for a few weeks.

Using that, WWE may rekindle the Big E vs Lashley feud, but only for one purpose – to make the WWE Champion look stronger ahead of his match against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series 2021.

#4. Is Damian Priest finally set to return to RAW?

The last time we saw Damian Priest on RAW was three weeks ago. It was the second night of the WWE Draft and Damian Priest once again retained the United States title against Jeff Hardy.

It was a good bout that eventually set up Austin Theory’s return to RAW and his storyline against Jeff Hardy. Since then, we’ve seen Theory and Hardy compete multiple times on RAW, while Priest has been absent.

It was a bit surprising that Damian Priest wasn’t utilized on RAW before Crown Jewel, nor was he involved in the pay-per-view. Priest has been one of the most pushed stars in WWE this year, and his absence wasn’t explained either.

Priest hasn’t been actively involved in many feuds since his United States title win at SummerSlam, but he has had great matches on RAW and defeated the likes of Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Jeff Hardy.

Damian Priest could finally be set to return in the new era of RAW, presumably to continue his open challenges. However, the focus will likely be his Survivor Series clash against Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, or Happy Corbin if the latter wins it before the pay-per-view.

#3. The build to Survivor Series 2021 begins on RAW

Survivor Series 2021 will once again be about the interbrand warfare between RAW and SmackDown. While the concept of brand loyalty is funny since many Superstars were only recently drafted to new brands, that’s usually the theme of the pay-per-view.

There are the classic champion vs champion matches, and there are also the Men and Women’s traditional Survivor Series elimination matches. These are usually far more exciting than the Champion vs Champion matches because of the ongoing storylines and tensions within and between the RAW and SmackDown teams.

It’s common for two rivals on the same brand to be forced to coexist for either RAW or SmackDown, and many times, it costs a team their match. It will be interesting to see which team is more unified this year.

RAW and SmackDown also have two stacked rosters, and qualifications could begin either this week or next. The sooner the better, as it would give the teams more time to build the tension and chemistry ahead of Survivor Series.

Who are your favorites to become the captains of the men’s and women’s teams respectively?

#2. Where does The Man restart her journey on RAW?

When Becky Lynch left to take a long hiatus from WWE, she was the reigning RAW Women’s Champion. As it turned out, the 2020 Women’s Money in the Bank “corporate ladder match” was essentially to crown the next RAW Women’s Champion.

Asuka was handed the title by Lynch, with her briefcase being cashed in without any match, pinfall or submission. When Becky Lynch returned after 15 months away, she won the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Bianca Belair.

Less than two months later she was drafted to RAW. Although there was a lot of confusion heading into Crown Jewel, the title swap between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair officially took place on SmackDown a few days ago.

Becky Lynch is the RAW Women’s Champion again, so who will step up in the new era on Monday Nights? Bianca Belair is the most obvious answer, since she wasn’t pinned at Crown Jewel and their rivalry seems to be unfinished business.

However, Bianca Belair could also be in prime position to captain the RAW Women’s team at Survivor Series 2021, meaning that their feud will have to wait. Becky Lynch’s next obvious opponent will be the SmackDown Women’s Champion — whether it’s Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks.

#1. The RAW Tag Team Championship is on the line in a Crown Jewel rematch

New era, old RAW Tag Team title feud. Despite RK-Bro decisively beating AJ Styles & Omos at Crown Jewel, we will be getting a RAW Tag Team title rematch tonight between the same teams.

All four stars have been drafted to RAW, and RK-Bro is set to stay intact. There are some new challengers on the horizon, with former SmackDown Tag Team champions Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio on the horizon as well.

Hopefully, WWE will take a new direction with RK-Bro after tonight. Crown Jewel should have been the decisive moment of their feud, but it looks like tonight will be.

After this, The Street Profits could be favorites to challenge for the RAW Tag Team titles as they’ve been drafted back to the brand where they experienced their most success in 2020.

The Usos are also on the horizon for RK-Bro at Survivor Series. If Randy Orton & Riddle can keep their titles intact, it will more than likely be enough to set up a dream bout against The Usos next month.

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