Bret Hart reacts to footage of his first-ever meeting with 11-time WWE World Champion

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart reacted to Edge’s recent tweet that showed their first interaction during a Q&A session, with Edge asking Bret for advice.

In 1992, 19-year old Adam Copeland sat in the audience for a talk show asking Bret Hart for advice on getting into WWE. While Bret Hart may not have given him the answer he wanted, Edge later revealed on Twitter that Bret came up to him and apologized for not providing better advice. Eventually, Edge – who would go into the WWE Hall of Fame himself – wound up training at his house, and Bret reacted to this and said that it didn’t feel all that long ago.

Bret Hart came from the old-school but was always willing to tell people straight up what they needed to know. Beth Phoneix initially reacted to old footage of Bret and Edge, marveling at how classy Bret Hart was when asked by young up-and-comers. Bret’s response to Edge was evidence of that.

“You have to have some experience,” Bret Hart said. “Which is very hard to get nowadays. And they can get you on television and give you sort of a tryout, but that’s about it.”

In Lawrence of Arabia, T. E. Lawrence said that “big things have small beginnings,” and a small but pivotal meeting with Bret Hart led Edge to the halls of WWE. It’s a place he continues to thrive in and still living a dream that started all those years ago.

How many WWE and WCW titles did Bret Hart win?

To this day, Bret Hart is considered the standard and sits easily on most wrestlers’ top-10 lists for his in-ring skills and believability that he brought to the role as champion. While some may criticize Bret for his (perceived) lack of charisma, there’s no doubting the technical prowess that he brought, which few wrestlers could match. That’s probably why he won several titles across WWE and WCW. This included:

  • 5-time WWE Champion
  • 2-time WWE Intercontinental Champion
  • 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champion
  • 1-time WWE United States Champion
  • 2-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion
  • 4-time WCW United States Champion
  • 1-time WCW Tag Team Champion

Bret built a legacy that he left behind, inside and outside the ring. Some wrestlers thought of him as a diva, while others like Edge, CM Punk, and The Rock hold him in such high regard. But all will consider him the “Excellence of Execution”, now and forever.

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