5 WWE Superstars and their original career choices

For a number of superstars, performing for WWE was not their original career choice. They first tried their hand at other career options before finally deciding to join Vince McMahon’s promotion to cement their illustrous journey in professional wrestling.

In this article we look at five current WWE Superstars and their original career choices before they made WWE home.

Special Mention – WWE Legend – The Undertaker who was a basketball player before joining WWE

The Undertaker is one of the most respected WWE Superstars to ever step foot in the squared circle. He has laid countless opponents to rest in his 30-year famed career.

Before carving an unparalleled legacy in WWE, The Phenom, with his towering height, was a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court. He played the sport in college for two years before moving to Texas Wesleyan University, where he played as a center for the Rams. Taker also considered playing professional basketball in Europe before finally deciding to focus on professional wrestling.

Imagine if The Deadman had continued playing professional basketball, the landscape of WWE would look so different with a character called The Undertaker never seeing the light of day.

#5 WWE Superstar Happy Corbin – Former NFL Player

Happy Corbin (fka Baron Corbin) has been on a roll of late on SmackDown after beating Shinuske Nakamura to become the number one contender for his Intercontinental Championship. His new show “Happy Talk” has also been gaining traction with the WWE Universe.

Before joining WWE in 2012, Corbin was an NFL (National Football League) player. He began his college career as a Division II footballer in Northwest Missouri.

After college, Corbin ended up going undrafted, signing with the Indianapolis Colts as an undrafted free agent in 2009. He then had a tenure with the Arizona Cardinals in 2010-11, playing as a part of their practice squad before finally deciding to make WWE his long-term career option.

#4 WWE Superstar Omos – Former Basketball Player

Omos is one of the strongest and most intimidating wrestlers on the current WWE roster.

It is no surprise that before joining the company, Omos was a dominant basketball player, courtesy of his towering height.

The former RAW Tag Team Champion played basketball throughout his school years at Atlantic Shores Christian School in Chesapeake, Virginia. He then continued pursuing the sport during his college days where he played in the center position for the University of South Florida and Morgan State University in Baltimore. Omos was keen on becoming a professional basketball player but finally chose a career in professional wrestling.

#3 WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair – Former Volleyball Player

Charlotte Flair is arguably one of the finest female superstars in the business.

The current SmackDown Women’s Champion, despite being an immensely gifted athlete since her childhood, never wanted to pursue a career in professional wrestling. She channeled her naturally competitive drive into a successful NCAA Volleyball career.

Wrestling has always been her legendary father Ric Flair and brother Reid’s territory. It was only when her brother tragically died in 2013 did Charlotte decide to make professional wrestling a career to honor her late brother who always dreamed of becoming a successful wrestler.

The WWE Universe is surely glad Charlotte got into professional wrestling as the legacy she has carved is certainly second to none.

#2 WWE Superstar Randy Orton – Former Marine

Randy Orton, a former 14 time world champion, is arguably the greatest superstar currently in WWE.

That said, professional wrestling was not his original career choice. The Viper was a member of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) but unfortunately did not enjoy his time there. He received a permanent discharge on account of misconduct after failing to obey his Commanding Officer’s orders.

As a result of the misconduct, he served 38 days in a military prison at Camp Pendleton, California. Randy also had a “USMC” tattoo on his left arm which he later covered up.

#1 WWE Superstar Roman Reigns – Former NFL Player

Roman Reigns is currently one of WWE’s top assets, having been a former three-time WWE Champion and the reigning Universal Champion for a whopping 420 days and counting.

The Tribal Chief was originally a professional American Football player and was in the NFL well before making his debut in the squared circle. Having started playing football in school, Roman played for Georgia Tech during college and then went professional as he began a career with the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL in 2007.

Reigns also played a full season for the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Edmonton Eskimos in 2008. The Head of the Table then retired from the sport and pursued a career in professional wrestling.

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