WWE Crown Jewel – 5 Possible surprises – Hall of Famer confronts current Champion, Lashley unleashes his secret weapon to defeat Goldberg

WWE Crown Jewel is almost upon us and while the excitement may not be congruent with how stacked the card is, the event is all set to be a banger. What may, in fact, make the pay-per-view even more memorable is a whole bunch of massive surprises.

Here are 5 twists that could certainly make WWE Crown Jewel a show for the ages. Be sure to list your own bunch in the comments below. Do you think any of the 5 surprises listed in this article is likely to happen?

#5 At WWE Crown Jewel 2021, Finn Balor turns heel

There’s very little chance that with all the hype, the fanfare, and the excitement about Xavier Woods winning the King of the Ring tournament, that he comes up short at WWE Crown Jewel. He’s definitely the most overlooked, the most underrated, and perhaps the most skilled member of The New Day. That said, he hasn’t gotten his moment in the sun yet and it may just be a moment of time before he does!

And when this happens at WWE Crown Jewel in the face vs. face match with Finn Balor, WWE could potentially pull off a very interesting twist. Could Balor, exasperated at losing against Roman Reigns and then Xavier Woods turn heel? And when he does, he could lay Xavier Woods out with his own crown and scepter.

Finn Balor could be a formidable heel on the RAW brand after WWE Crown Jewel and could segue straight into a feud with Big E for the WWE Championship. The two men would tear it up for the ultimate prize in a series of exciting matches. Xavier Wood wins, and in a way, so does Finn Balor!

#4 Naomi uses political pressure to get into the Queen’s Crown finals

Paul Heyman spoke to us before WWE Crown Jewel and sent the internet into a frenzy by alluding that Naomi may already be at the table of the Tribal Chief. She’s married to Jimmy Uso, so this alliance is only natural.

Imagine the swerve in the finals of the Queen’s Crown tournament if Heyman were to step out and say that he’s used his backstage power to ensure Naomi was in the Queen’s Crown finals. It would also make a tournament that hasn’t been exciting a lot more thrilling.

#3 Bearcat Lee surprisingly shows up at WWE Crown Jewel to help defeat Goldberg

He’s dropped Keith from his name, and this may be a way to rebrand him as the muscle of The Hurt Business going forward.

Could he show up at WWE Crown Jewel to make this alliance official? Bobby Lashley needs all the help he can get to defeat Goldberg in a match in which the latter has threatened murder.

Bearcat Lee could help tilt the odds in Lashley’s favor.

#2 Lita shows up at WWE Crown Jewel to confront Becky Lynch

Wait, why would Lita show up at WWE Crown Jewel, you ask? It’s a legitimate question and we at Sportskeeda Wrestling must confess we may have started the feud of the year.

Rather, our writer Pranay Rangra did, when Lita shared an article written by him and Becky Lynch responded. Imagine Becky Lynch celebrating her big WWE Crown Jewel win only to be interrupted by the WWE Hall of Famer we all love so dearly!

#1 The Rock sends a message through video congratulating Roman Reigns on his big win

So there are ongoing rumors that The Rock is set to appear at Survivor Series to set up his match against Roman Reigns. The prelude to that appearance could happen at WWE Crown Jewel, where the biggest movie star in the world appears through video to lay down the gauntlet.

He informs the world he’s showing up at Survivor Series to speak to his fellow Samoan. Imagine the headlines that would emerge the next day.


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