Becky Lynch reacts after Edge threatens to confront her at Seth Rollins’ home

Becky Lynch has reacted to Edge teasing a confrontation with her at Seth Rollins’ house. With Rollins invading Edge’s home a while ago, the WWE Hall of Famer is determined to teach him a lesson.

On tonight’s edition of SmackDown, Edge made quite a bold threat to Seth Rollins and stated that he could invade his home and confront Becky Lynch.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion noted WWE’s tweet highlighting Edge’s comments. In reaction, Becky Lynch posted a photo of her in-ring segment with Edge on SmackDown 1000 in 2018.

Edge and Seth Rollins’ feud has become too personal to be settled in a regular contest. The two men are bound to brawl inside Hell in a Cell on October 21 at WWE Crown Jewel.

What happened between Edge and Becky Lynch on SmackDown 1000?

On SmackDown 1000, Becky Lynch and Edge engaged in a heated conversation. The latter tried to convince Lynch of her mistake by ruining her friendship with Charlotte Flair in pursuit of the title.

“The Man” wasn’t ready to listen to reason and told Edge to leave her ring. She also told him to be careful not to injure his neck again. The segment ended with a brawl between Lynch and Flair, with Edge watching with a disappointed look on his face.

Fans might remember that Edge and Beth Phoenix were indirectly responsible for Becky and Seth’s relationship going public. In 2019, Lynch was involved in a heated Twitter feud with the Hall of Famer couple and confirmed her relationship with Rollins in one of her tweets.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are two of the biggest heels in WWE. Lynch has always welcomed challenges, and she was certainly not thrilled with what Edge said tonight.

Who will come out of the unforgiving structure with their hands held high? Sound off in the comments!

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