The Roman Reigns-Paul Heyman-Brock Lesnar dynamic has been terrific so far

WWE has struck gold with the Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar storyline.

The X-factor here is currently wrestling’s greatest manager, Paul Heyman. His ability to put almost anyone over has immensely benefitted both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in their respective careers.

The awkward triangle of loyalty between Heyman, Reigns, and Lesnar has been WWE’s best angle in a long time. It doesn’t hurt that Reigns has come into his own as a heel under Heyman’s watch.

Roman Reigns has crossed 400 days as WWE Universal Champion and is headed for a showdown with Brock Lesnar.

There’s no denying that Roman’s run as ‘The Tribal Chief’ has been the best run he’s had in his WWE career. After years of failing as a babyface, his edgier, intense style has added depth to his character, and Heyman has been a huge part of that.

However, recent events have teased a huge swerve as Reigns constantly questions Heyman’s loyalty to The Beast. It’s made for some great TV, and all parties involved have been playing things close to the vest to keep the audience interested.

What’s made this angle great is that it has everyone talking and speculating about how it might play out

On this week’s edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, wrestler and booker Dutch Mantell predicted Heyman costing Reigns the title and, ultimately, re-aligning with Lesnar will be great for business.

“Roman’s almost like a babyface on his own. If they put the title on Brock, it’s gotta be with the swerve with Heyman. I think a big swerve is coming, and I think (Heyman turning on Roman Reigns) will be a good one because I think Roman is almost there and he could get a heel to work with for a while. You gotta have heels. If you don’t have heels, your babyfaces are dead,” Mantell told Sportskeeda’s Rick Ucchino and Sid Pullar.

There’s talk that the Reigns and Lesnar storyline, no matter the finish at Crown Jewel, will continue for the long term, possibly even through next year’s WrestleMania.

If Mantell’s prediction is correct, it sets up great scenarios with Reigns and his family feuding against Heyman and Lesnar in an ultimate war to settle the score.

This is easily the best thing WWE has going on right now.

Two terrific athletes, and decorated champions heading for a fantastic finish, with their mutual mentor likely the one to will decide their fate in the end.

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