Roman Reigns, beware: 5 lies Paul Heyman told on WWE TV

Is Paul Heyman lying to Roman Reigns? That’s the big question on the WWE Universe’s mind heading into The Tribal Chief’s Universal Championship match against Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel.

On the latest episode of SmackDown, Heyman guaranteed Reigns that he had nothing to do with Lesnar’s free-agent status in the WWE Draft. He also promised to stay by Reigns’ side when he goes head-to-head with The Beast Incarnate on October 21.

“My Tribal Chief, I’m in a terrible situation here because no matter what I say it’s gonna sound like I’m spinning things. I am faithful to my Tribal Chief. I’ve been with your family for 40 years,” Heyman said.

Will Paul Heyman stick to his word and support Roman Reigns in Saudi Arabia? Or is Heyman on the verge of reuniting with Brock Lesnar after serving as Reigns’ special counsel for the last 13 months?

In this article, let’s look back at five WWE moments that show why Reigns is right to question Heyman’s loyalties.

#5 Paul Heyman lied about working with Brad Maddox and The Shield

Vince McMahon gave Paul Heyman a Personal Performance Review during an in-ring segment on the January 28, 2013 episode of RAW.

Leading up to the segment, Brad Maddox and The Shield interfered in CM Punk’s matches in an attempt to help him retain the WWE Championship. Paul Heyman, Punk’s advocate at the time, told McMahon he did not have any association with the four men.

“Thank you for this opportunity to come out here and look you in the eye and settle this once and for all, because the answer to your question – and you have every reason in the world to ask me that question – and the answer to that question is no. I have never had anything to do with Brad Maddox nor The Shield,” Heyman said.

Moments later, McMahon pointed fans in the direction of the big screen, which showed Heyman working alongside Maddox and The Shield backstage.

McMahon asked WWE fans if they thought Heyman had lied, prompting a huge “Yes!” response from the crowd. He then looked set to fire the former ECW owner before Brock Lesnar hit the WWE Chairman with an F-5.

#4 Paul Heyman lied to Goldberg about Brock Lesnar’s RAW status

Three weeks before Survivor Series 2016, Paul Heyman amusingly lied to Goldberg about Brock Lesnar’s whereabouts on the October 31 episode of RAW.

During an in-ring promo, Heyman told Goldberg that Lesnar was backstage and moments away from confronting the WCW legend.

“My client is not just a Beast,” Heyman said. “My client is an impatient Beast. My client has decided he’s not gonna wait until Survivor Series, because my client wants to face you face-to-face right here. So, ladies and gentlemen… BBBRRROCK… LLLESNAR…”

Goldberg watched on from inside the ring with an intense look on his face while Lesnar’s music played. As more and more time passed, it soon emerged that Paul Heyman had lied and The Beast Incarnate was not really waiting backstage.

Instead, Rusev made his way down to the ring and punched Goldberg in the face. The WWE veteran responded with a series of knee strikes to The Bulgarian Brute before landing a Jackhammer. He then hit Heyman with a ferocious spear to end the segment.

#3 Paul Heyman lied to Brock Lesnar about his conversation with The Big Show

In November 2002, Paul Heyman betrayed Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series to help The Big Show win the WWE Championship from his client.

The final episode of SmackDown before Survivor Series saw Heyman speak to both superstars backstage. The former SmackDown General Manager begged The Big Show not to call Lesnar out, but that is not what he told The Next Big Thing.

“I handled it,” Heyman said to Lesnar. “I did it my way and I handled it. Everything’s gonna be okay. You see what I did for you? I went over to The Big Show’s locker room, I walked right in and I looked that Neanderthal right in the eye, and I told The Big Show exactly what I thought of him.”

Lesnar and The Big Show both ignored Paul Heyman’s words of advice throughout the show. The WWE Championship rivals brawled outside the ring in the closing segment of SmackDown, resulting in Lesnar attacking his opponent with a steel chair.

Heyman also claimed to Lesnar earlier in the episode that The Big Show was intimidated by his intelligence. In reality, he nervously thanked the seven-footer after their conversation and quickly scurried out of his locker room.

#2 Paul Heyman lied about a knee injury before WWE Night of Champions 2013

Paul Heyman was forced to face CM Punk at WWE Night of Champions 2013 in a handicap elimination match alongside Curtis Axel.

Six days before the pay-per-view, Heyman walked to the ring on crutches after seemingly hurting his knee. He claimed his own personal doctor suspected he had suffered a serious injury, ruling him out of Night of Champions.

“Listen, let’s just cut to the point here. Doctor Kirshenbaum has confirmed my fear that, because of an accident, I either tore my meniscus or my ACL. A proper MRI in the United States will tell me the results because, ladies and gentlemen, at this point I only really need to say, regretfully, I am withdrawing myself from competition this Sunday at Night of Champions,” Heyman said.

CM Punk interrupted the promo segment, prompting Paul Heyman to quickly run out of the ring and jump over a barricade. WWE commentator Jerry Lawler shouted, “He’s healed! It’s a miracle!” and Heyman’s Night of Champions match went ahead as planned.

The two-on-one handicap match, which also had a No Disqualification stipulation, ended in a controversial victory for Heyman and Axel.

#1 Paul Heyman lied to CM Punk about representing Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman was caught between two of WWE’s top stars in the summer of 2013. Not only did he represent the villainous Brock Lesnar, but he also worked as an advocate for the popular CM Punk.

Following Lesnar’s attack on Punk in June 2013, Heyman reassured The Best in the World that he was not going to support Lesnar against him.

“I will never represent anyone against you, and that includes Brock Lesnar. And Brock Lesnar is going to have a problem with that, and that’s between me and Brock. That’s not your problem,” Heyman said.

A month later, Paul Heyman betrayed CM Punk by hitting him with a ladder during a Money in the Bank ladder match. The storyline led to a match between Punk and Lesnar at SummerSlam, dubbed “The Best versus The Beast,” which Lesnar won.

Heyman said he turned against Punk because he thought the former WWE Champion no longer wanted to be associated with him. He also admitted he “lied, manipulated, and played” Punk to ensure he could be the one to end their partnership.

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