WWE star wants to team up with fiance to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

WWE RAW star Karrion Kross wants to team up with his fiance and WWE Superstar Scarlett to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

The former NXT Champion was asked on WWE Deutschland’s Instagram page about teaming up with Scarlett in the future. Krooss would love to team up with his fiance and “blow the roof off the place” with a match against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

“Well, since you asked me, because I don’t try to — I like to see what fans think and see and then play off that. I don’t like leading people into stuff. I feel like it’s a sort of cheap way to do things. But if you’re asking, I would say Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon]. Under the right circumstances and the right place and the right time, I think if something like that could happen, I think we could all blow the roof off the place. I really do,” said Kross. (H/T Post Wrestling)

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are considered the true power couple in WWE. Not only do they run the business together, but they have also accompanied and fought alongside each other on multiple occasions.

Meanwhile, Scarlett and Kross are yet to wrestle together in WWE. Scarlett is still a part of the NXT roster, while Kross moved to RAW earlier this year.

Karrion Kross gives an update on Scarlett’s absence from WWE

Karrion Kross, in a recent appearance on the Table Talk podcast, disclosed Scarlett’s return to WWE television. They are waiting for “something to finish” before she gets back on WWE television.

“This is what I can say, without being deliberately cryptic, we’re waiting for something to finish taking its course. But she is very good and she’s been training like a maniac, like she always does. You can expect to see her any time or any place,” said Kross.

Scarlett has been away from WWE programming for a while and wasn’t even alongside Kross during his NXT Championship match against Samoa Joe.

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