5 exciting feuds that can happen on RAW and SmackDown following the 2021 WWE Draft

With the WWE Draft now concluded, we know how RAW and SmackDown will look for the coming year. Several stars switched brands on Night One and Night Two, and these changes have produced some exciting potential match-ups.

RAW’s roster is quite stacked with top-tier stars, as the show gained some remarkable depth. While SmackDown is somewhat lacking in main-event names, it boasts the biggest match WWE can offer between two full-time stars at the moment.

Wth the fans’ hopes high coming out of the draft, here are five exciting feuds that are now possible. Some of them could happen soon, while we may have to wait a while for the others.

What new feud are you most excited to see following the WWE Draft? Let us know in the comments below.

#5 RAW: Becky Lynch vs. Liv Morgan can now happen after the WWE Draft

Becky Lynch is now on RAW, though she currently holds the SmackDown Women’s Championship. It remains to be seen how the title situation will be resolved, but The Man might end up with the red brand’s Women’s Championship.

In that case, several interesting challengers could step up to Lynch. Besides her ongoing rivalry with Bianca Belair, The Man can take on Liv Morgan. The former Riott Squad member has improved leaps and bounds in the past year, especially in the ring.

Fans have rallied behind Morgan in recent months, so she should be in line for a push following the WWE Draft. Though she didn’t get selected in the main portion of the draft, she can use this underestimation to her advantage. It could further establish her status as a popular underdog, and Morgan could thrive in this role in a feud against Lynch. Whether she defeats The Man, though, is a discussion for another day.

#4 SmackDown: Sheamus and Cesaro can put on some remarkable bouts

Sheamus is one of the sleeper picks of the WWE Draft, as he enjoyed a career resurgence on RAW. He competed in some hard-hitting bouts against the likes of Drew McIntyre and Riddle, among other stars. Moving forward, The Celtic Warrior can make a similar impact on SmackDown.

In the aftermath of the WWE Draft, the most exciting match for the former WWE Champion would come against a familiar face – Cesaro. The Swiss Cyborg has not done much of note since he lost to Seth Rollins a few months ago. That being said, a feud with his former tag team partner, Sheamus would place him back in the spotlight.

The two stars have incredible chemistry in the ring, and they push each other beyond their highest levels. Cesaro and Sheamus can have a series of classic matches against each other, and they could even feud over the Intercontinental Championship.

#3 RAW: Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee and Dominik Dijakovic (T-BAR) can reignite their NXT feud after the WWE Draft

Multiple tag teams have been split across RAW and SmackDown through the WWE Draft 2021; for example, MACE and T-BAR were placed on separate brands. Now that T-BAR is alone on the red brand, he’ll seemingly return to his status as a singles wrestler.

In order to thrive in the aftermath of the dtaft, all he needs to do is get rid of his silly name and become Dominik Dijakovic again. And what better way to re-establish himself in WWE than to take on his eternal rival – Keith Lee?

The two stars had some classic bouts in NXT, and they can replicate that magic on RAW. Having the two powerhouses work together would guarantee some good action while improving both Superstars’ stock on the red brand. Lee, like T-BAR, remains excellent in the ring despite his recent name change. After the WWE Draft, seeing him face Dijakovic again would remind fans how remarkable the former NXT Champion is.

#2 RAW: Finn Balor and AJ Styles can deliver a dream feud

With Finn Balor moving from SmackDown to RAW in the WWE Draft, he and AJ Styles are on the same brand after they spent five years apart. This move enables them to finally feud with each other, so they can finally play off their respective history in The Bullet Club.

While Styles is still with Omos, the angle can work with Balor swinging for the fences against The Phenomenal One and his colossus. We know how well the two stars work against each other, with their bout at WWE TLC 2017 providing evidence of their brilliant in-ring chemistry.

But that clash was a one-off that happened due to a medical emergency, so it didn’t have any build ahead of the bout. AJ Styles and Finn Balor’s next potential match is set to be different, in that regard. After the WWE Draft, the company can build up a meaningful story for a rivalry between the two former champions. In doing so, it would deliver a match with even more significance this time around.

#1 WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre is the biggest match possible after the WWE Draft

A clash between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns is the biggest match possible between two full-time Superstars following the WWE Draft. After his move to the blue brand, McIntyre will benefit from a much-needed change of scenery. He’ll have a new home, so he’ll face fresh opponents. A feud with Reigns is the most exciting clash that’s waiting for him on SmackDown.

The Scottish Warrior is the biggest threat to the Universal Champion’s current reign, and for good reason. He is one big world title win away from clinching his genuine megastar status. McIntyre’s two reigns as the WWE Champion came during the brunt of the Pandemic Era, so some fans aren’t convinced that he’s truly a top-level competitor.

Likewise, Reigns has beaten McIntyre at every turn so far. The Tribal Chief directly defeated him in a Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series last year. After the WWE Draft, the company would be smart to call back to that clash during a potential feud between the two. In fact, this story can be big enough to main event WrestleMania if The Rock is not available for The Show of Shows, either next year or in 2023.

With RAW taking most of SmackDown’s top stars in the WWE Draft, this rivalry is now the blue brand’s biggest weapon. McIntyre might be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns down the road. This remarkable moment could happen at WrestleMania or potentially SummerSlam, especially if the latter event takes place in the UK.

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