Riddle On The Biggest Thing He Has Learned From Randy Orton

Matt Riddle is not only winning titles with Randy Orton as part of their RK-Bro tag team in WWE but he is learning a lot of things from the wrestling veteran as well. The former UFC star recently made an appearance on After The Bell. He discussed things such as how he is able to be himself in WWE and more.

Discussing his partnership with the Viper, the former NXT star said that Randy has thought him a lot. He explained that in indies they had a much faster workrate:

“Randy, over the time we’ve been working together, he’s taught me so much.  The way he moves in the ring, I think for me being from the indies, you have a faster workrate.  You’re trying to get everything in.  You’re only given a certain amount of time.  You’re trying to do everything you can do, instead of making the most of what you’re doing. “

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Riddle On What He Has Learned From Randy Orton

Riddle’s relationship with Orton has evolved over time

Now that he is working with the 14-time world champion, Matt Riddle said that he feels like he is able to get the most out of what he does:

“Working with Randy, I feel like instead of killing myself, which I still do, but I think I’m getting the most out of doing what I do now.  That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from Randy.”

Riddle also discussed the ongoing Draft and claimed that he wants to stay on Raw because he loves the show. The current champion mentioned how some people don’t like the three-hour show but he loves it because he gets the time to not only wrestle but to talk and have fun as well.

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