“He didn’t show up” – Ex-WWE star says Stone Cold Steve Austin canceled a match with him

Ex-WWE commentator and backstage interviewer Jonathan Coachman has disclosed why his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t take place.

The former RAW commentator says The Texas Rattlesnake pulled out of the match as he felt facing someone like Coachman was beneath him.

While speaking on his latest AdFreeShows podcast, Coachman discussed his match at the Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view in 2005. Coach stated that he respects Austin and all that he’s done for the pro-wrestling business, but says Austin pulling out of the match with him wasn’t the WWE legend’s “best moment” in WWE.

“He didn’t show up. That’s the truth. He felt like it was below him, he didn’t show up, but it wasn’t the only time that he did that. The only thing — I’m not even bitter to this day about it. I wish I would have got the check. Because I didn’t get the check. When you wrestled Stone Cold you got paid more. But I have no ill will towards him at all because he had a long career, he had a lot of things going on, he was a big star, and I certainly wasn’t in his world. But that particular time, I wouldn’t say it was his best moment,” said Jonathan Coachman about Stone Cold Steve Austin. (H/T Fightful)

Coachman said that the WWE Hall of Famer wouldn’t have had to do much in the match against him. Austin was replaced by Batista, who faced Coachman and beat him in no time in a Street Fight.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s feud with Jonathan Coachman in WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jonathan Coachman were in an on-screen rivalry in WWE in 2005, which was to lead to a match between the two at Taboo Tuesday.

The stipulation stated that a win for Austin would result in Jim Ross – who had been fired in the storyline – getting his job back; a loss for Austin would result in him getting fired.

The match was promoted for Taboo Tuesday, but Austin didn’t show up due to a back injury. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon explained that Austin had met with an accident which is why he was replaced by Batista.


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