WWE SmackDown Preview: Draft 2021 gets underway, Brock Lesnar returns to confront Roman Reigns, Former Champion turns heel (1st October, 2021)

WWE SmackDown is set to deliver an action-packed episode this week. It will mark the beginning of WWE Draft 2021 and could feature big returns on the show, including the top RAW Superstars. We might see new title feuds and surprise twists in the biggest storyline on the Blue brand. There are also burning questions about Finn Balor’s future that might be answered tonight.

Here, we look at the things that could transpire on SmackDown this week. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#6 Draft 2021 kickstarts on WWE SmackDown

As per the official announcement, tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown will kick off this year’s Draft. The entire roster will get shuffled as the top superstars are selected for the two main roster brands. We are also looking forward to potential NXT call-ups that will help add more excitement to the annual event.

It is expected that Roman Reigns and Big E will be the first and second picks, respectively. It is highly unlikely that Universal Champion and the WWE Champion will switch brands, but every other superstar could move to a different show. Fans are excited to see how this year’s Draft will help create interesting feuds and storylines on WWE SmackDown and RAW.

#5 Brock Lesnar returns to confront Roman Reigns

At Extreme Rules 2021, Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship against “The Demon” Finn Balor. While the latter has every reason to extend his title feud with Reigns, The Tribal Chief is now expected to focus on his rivalry with Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate recently returned on the Blue brand and confronted Roman Reigns.

Lesnar destroyed members of the Bloodline before demanding a shot at Reigns’ Universal Championship. Both superstars are set to face each other in a title match at Crown Jewel pay-per-view scheduled to take place later this month. The two superstars are expected to engage in a brutal feud, and it will be interesting to see Paul Heyman’s role in the entire storyline.

Earlier, Lesnar implied that Heyman knew about his return well in advance, while Reigns instructed his special counsel to keep an eye on everything involving his former client. Brock Lesnar could make a huge return tonight and immediately kickstart his title hunt on WWE SmackDown. He had the upper hand in their previous confrontation but will it be the same tonight?

#4 Dominik Mysterio turns heel on WWE SmackDown

Over the last few weeks, WWE SmackDown has shown growing tension between Dominik and his father, Rey Mysterio. The young superstar even blamed his dad for his recent losses on the Blue brand. The backstage segment also saw a brief appearance from Sami Zayn, who “advised” Dominik to go leave his father’s side and trust his instincts.

The latest backstage reports have also suggested that the creative team is planning to repackage him as a heel. Can we see him betraying his dad tonight on WWE SmackDown? The father-son duo can deliver a memorable storyline, and Zayn might play an instrumental role in causing a divide between the Mysterios.

#3 Sasha Banks enters the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture

Sasha Banks made a huge return during the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair at Extreme Rules 2021. She interfered during the title bout and laid out a vicious attack on both superstars.

Banks later made it clear that she would address her actions on WWE SmackDown. We could see her demand a shot at the women’s championship as she missed out on her title bout at SummerSlam, which eventually allowed Becky Lynch to win the title.

It is expected that WWE will build towards a huge triple-threat match between Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bianca Belair as we advance.

#2 The Usos set to meet new challengers for SmackDown Tag Team Championships

The Usos successfully defended their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships against The Street Profits at Extreme Rules. While Roman Reigns will need them on his side if Brock Lesnar returns tonight, the episode could also help establish their next title challengers. It’s highly likely that they will kickstart a feud with The Alpha Academy.

Otis and Chad Gable have enjoyed a dominant run on WWE SmackDown since the beginning of the year. Despite limited opportunities, both superstars have established themselves as credible contenders in the tag team division.

They were also involved in a stare-down with The Usos right before Extreme Rules. They might be the next superstars who will step up and challenge Jey and Jimmy Uso for the tag team titles.

#1 Edge set to return on WWE SmackDown

Last month, Edge and Seth Rollins faced each other in a brutal match on WWE SmackDown which marked the second clash of their intense rivalry. With that, both superstars now have one win each under their belt. Rollins recently called out The Rated-R Superstar and said that he wants to face him again, and will continue to punish him until he is no longer seen as “Edge Lite”.

Edge addressed the comments and confirmed that he will return on WWE SmackDown this week to confront Rollins. Their last meeting ended with The Rated-R Superstar being rushed out of the arena on a stretcher. However, they are still expected to meet in another fight that might ultimately put an end to their ongoing feud.


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