WWE SmackDown – 5 surprises that could happen- Brock Lesnar’s opponent after Roman Reigns appears, major reunion, epic heel turn

This episode of WWE SmackDown isn’t the regular weekly edition. No, it’s the first night of the draft, and all eyes will be on the brand to see who goes where.

Do not be surprised if a few names from NXT decide to show up and shake things up on WWE SmackDown. Be sure to share your thoughts on the surprises mentioned and also chime in with what you’d like to see on this week’s show!

While he is not mentioned in the article, Edge is also slated to return for this edition, which explains how explosive the show is guaranteed to be. Fans cannot afford to miss this special edition!

#5 Bobby Lashley shows up on WWE SmackDown and destroys Brock Lesnar

For Bobby Lashley to show up on WWE SmackDown would yield a world of advantages. We could, in time, see The Bloodline vs. The Hurt Business. But the seeds of a WrestleMania feud could also be planted when he takes down and pounds Brock Lesnar, setting the stage for a massive marquee match

people have been talking about a Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley showdown for almost a decade now. Both men have backgrounds in MMA, both athletes have been booked in a bulletproof manner, and both WWE Superstars are absolute behemoths. With that said, Brock Lesnar is a star on the WWE SmackDown brand, whereas Bobby Lashley is on RAW.

All of this could change during the upcoming WWE Draft if Bobby Lashley arrives on WWE SmackDown. It will also help freshen up his character, who has been the anchor for the RAW brand in recent times. A fresh new start is just what he needs.

#4 Karrion Kross and Scarlett are reunited on WWE SmackDown

Could WWE SmackDown see the couple that dominated NXT – Karrion Kross and Scarlett, show up as a unit as a part of the draft? Many fans were upset when they went their separate ways, and this could be a way to right the wrongs!

With Lady Scarlett by his side, Karrion Kross could be a much bigger star than he is now! This massive reunion could make the entire WWE SmackDown roster fall and pray.

#3 Dominik turns on Rey Mysterio to side with Sami Zayn

Dominik Mysterio’s win-loss record on WWE SmackDown hasn’t exactly been exemplary. This could be a setup for a heel turn, where he attacks his father on WWE SmackDown with the whole world watching.

An alliance was also teased between him and Sami Zayn recently. The latter could be the puppet master pulling the strings, twisting young Mysterio’s mind, and convincing him that the dark side is the right side. This Palpatine and Anakin situation would undoubtedly shake things up a great deal.

#2 Montez Ford stays on WWE SmackDown while Angelo Dawkins goes to RAW

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team division has become very exciting indeed. Some consider the clash between WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos and The Street Profits to be the match of the night at Extreme Rules.

The dream run might end with both members of the tag team going to different brands. WWE SmackDown Creative may have determined that Ford has way too much charisma and deserves to go solo.

We even caught up with Dawkins this week. This is what he said about the draft:

“We haven’t really thought about it, but I also know if it were to happen, we’ll both be ready. I mean, Tez just showed last week that he can handle it,” said Dawkins.

#1 Drew McIntyre confronts Roman Reigns

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have clashed before with tremendous results. Could the Big E vs. Drew McIntyre situation be a red herring?

Drew McIntyre could show up and take the fight to Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown!

Perhaps McIntyre is the man who eventually dethrones Roman Reigns. He certainly has all the qualifications, and a fresh new start will do him a world of good.

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