10 AEW/WWE Superstars who are not fond of each other

AEW has become WWE’s most prominent rival over the past few years. With this rivalry, there have been other intense off-screen feuds attached.

While many of the storylines are scripted, sometimes rivalries go on beyond the screens. Over the past two years, fans and wrestlers may have exaggerated the WWE vs. AEW feud, but the rivalry between the following list of superstars is genuine.

The following article looks at just ten current WWE and AEW Superstars who have proven in the past that they are not fond of one another.

#10/9. AEW star Jon Moxley and WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar

For more than a year, Jon Moxley has been creating waves in AEW, and many fans have already forgotten that he was once known as Dean Ambrose in WWE.

The former WWE Superstar faced Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 in a lackluster match that was previously expected to steal the show. Moxley later joined WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin on his Broken Skull Sessions, where he opened up about the match and his disdain for the Beast Incarnate.

“We haven’t talked about any of this match, the show starts at 5 PM, we’re like fourth. He’s not really interested and doesn’t wanna be there – and this is the most important match of my life. I was like, ‘Dude, we have the opportunity, we have a Street Fight. We can do anything. I’ll take any bump you want. Literally, I’m begging you to f*****g choke me. Please, powerbomb me into thumbtacks a hundred times.’ And he said: ‘Oh, we don’t need all that’. Like, he did not have the mentality of trying to steal the show at all. Did not give a s**t,” Moxley said.

Luckily since moving over to AEW, Jon Moxley has found many stars who are willing to go out and steal the show with him regularly.

#8/7. AEW star Miro and WWE’s Shane McMahon

Rusev was part of WWE for seven years before making the move over to AEW as Miro. The former United States Champion has been very outspoken about his time in WWE since his departure, but one rant that stood out came while he was still under contract.

In 2017, Rusev made some comments about Shane McMahon, when it was revealed that the two stars had the same rating in WWE’s annual video game.

“How can an undefeated Superstar for a whole year, go face John Cena at WrestleMania on a freaking tank, be rated 84? And Sami Zayn, who weighs 180 pounds, shaves his abs in with a razor, can have a higher rating than me? And also, Shane McMahon is what, 84? He wrestles once a year?” Miro/Rusev said.

The star later added the above tweet when Shane McMahon returned to WWE to present RAW Underground in 2020.

#6/5. AEW superstar Chris Jericho and WWE star Brock Lesnar

Even though he has become one of AEW’s biggest stars, Chris Jericho is still considered a WWE legend.

Over the past few years, Jericho has been one of the stars who have pushed AEW to become a legitimate threat to WWE while remaining close friends with many of the WWE stars.

Jericho and Brock Lesnar appear to have quite an exciting relationship. Not only did ‘Le Champion’ ‘fat shame’ Lesnar when he returned to WWE back in 2019, but he also some choice words about ‘The Beast Incarnate’ joining AEW.

“I don’t know if Brock fits the whole AEW idea or attitude. That’s a Tony Khan decision and a Brock decision. Do I think Brock does this every few years just to up his price with Vince? Of course he does. He’s a genius when it comes to that. But hey, if he showed up in AEW, I’d be happy to go up against him and do the match we were supposed to do in April of 2018 in WWE that Vince then changed. We’ve never had a match on TV or pay-per-view, ever. If it came about, I’d be happy to go up and smack him in his fat face,” Jericho said.

The context behind this is unknown, but in the past, Jericho and Lesnar have come to blows as part of their infamous altercation at SummerSlam 2016.

WWE didn’t capitalize and put together a feud between the two men despite all of the heat surrounding the two stars following the verbal altercation.

#4/3. AEW superstar Lio Rush and the WWE locker room

Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush has recently signed to AEW after his departure from Vince McMahon’s company was surrounded by rumors of locker room heat.

It was noted that the WWE locker room had turned against him following an incident with Finn Balor.

Fightful reported the following:

“There was an incident where Finn Balor made an effort to give Rush advice about having his wife sitting in on rehearsals. Balor allegedly told Rush that Vince McMahon would not take kindly to this, and Rush was unfavorable with his response. Word over the incident then spread quickly around the locker room,” the report said.

There were also reports that stated that Rush was looking to get a Miz-style reality TV series with his wife, which forced the company to step in.

“Another incident was allegedly caused by Rush telling members of the WWE roster that he was looking to land a reality TV series with his wife. This incident reportedly caused WWE management to get involved. The report notes that there does not appear to be any backstage heat with Lio Rush’s wife, and it seems most of it is derived from Rush’s behavior.”

Finn Balor has always been a polite and respectful star backstage, but it appears that Rush’s reaction caused significant heat in the company.

The increasing backstage problems later led to Lio’s release, and he has now resurfaced as part of Tony Khan’s company.


#2/1. WWE Superstar Sasha Banks and AEW star Sammy Guevara

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks was the subject of some offensive comments by Sammy Guevara, which led to a massive Twitter backlash.

While we are not going to address those comments, they were bad enough for Guevara to be suspended from AEW for a few weeks without pay.

Banks herself saw the comments and decided to rise above and be the role model that she set out to be. Following the above Tweet, Banks noted that she wouldn’t respond to hate with hate and acted professionally:

“As you can see on social media, I left my comment out there, I made my statement,” said Banks. “I don’t feel like I need to touch upon it any more than I did, but as a role model, I have to lead by example. I can’t show hate with hate. I only can show through education, dignity, and integrity,” Banks said.

Guevara and Banks are now at the top of their game in their respective companies, but the two stars will likely be avoiding crossing paths in the future.


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