Seth Rollins explains why WWE nixed The Shield’s storyline with CM Punk

Seth Rollins recently revealed that WWE ended The Shield’s storyline with CM Punk due to the group’s impressive debut.

The Shield (Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns) arrived on WWE’s main roster at Survivor Series 2012. Although they were originally introduced as CM Punk’s sidekicks, WWE quickly dropped the angle and booked the up-and-coming trio in other storylines instead.

Speaking on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions show, Rollins explained why WWE abruptly ended The Shield and CM Punk’s alliance.

“No one really told us what was going on,” said Seth Rollins. “We got such a good reaction that they moved us away from being Punk’s security squad almost immediately, within I wanna say a couple of weeks. It was like a loose relationship where we would help out but there was no like, ‘You guys are my guys.’ It was just like we were clearly our own entity, you know what I’m saying?”

The Shield feuded with Superstars including Daniel Bryan and John Cena during their first few months on WWE’s main roster. A year after their debut, they lost a three-on-one handicap match against CM Punk at the TLC pay-per-view in December 2013.

Seth Rollins on why The Shield succeeded

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