I’m just not a fan of some of his technical wrestling” – current champion on his complicated relationship with Goldberg

One-half of the RAW Tag Team Champions Riddle spoke about his current relationship with Goldberg.

Riddle was on the latest episode of “Out of Character” with Ryan Satin, and he discussed his strained relationship with the WWE Hall of Famer. The Original Bro described how the two men have managed to set aside their differences, as seen in a behind-the-scenes video from SummerSlam.

The WWE RAW star acknowledged that he sometimes rubs people the wrong way because of his trash talk, but he claimed that people often understand him better once they get to know him.

“I talk a lot of trash,” said Riddle. “But at the end of the day, when you get to know me, in the the past, even while working with other people, they’re probably gonna bring me up and talk about me. I’m not that bad. They understand what I’m doing eventually. They get it, or at least Goldberg, I believe, gets it. And I think he also respects me.”

“And if I’m being honest, I respect Goldberg,” Riddle continued. “I respected him the whole time. It’s just I’m not a huge fan of his style, you know, professional wrestling in the ring. I like his promos, I like his movies. I like his moves. He’s really good at his spear when he does it, you know. But I’m just not a fan of some of his technical wrestling. But I respect his aura and I respect what he brings to the game every time, I do.”

The Original Bro stated that Goldberg respects him as a performer, and the RAW Tag Team Champion spoke about his mutual admiration for the WWE Hall of Famer. Though he’s not a fan of Goldberg’s working style, the King of Bros acknowledged that he brings a big fight feel to his matches.

Goldberg made an appearance on WWE RAW this week

Riddle remains a featured star on the red brand, and Goldberg also appeared on WWE RAW this week. The WCW legend is currently consumed with avenging his son, Gage because Bobby Lashley attacked him at the SummerSlam pay-per-view.

On Monday night, Goldberg sent a clear warning to the former WWE Champion. He made it clear that he fully intends to get revenge and punish Lashley sooner rather than later.

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