”There’s something up”- More on Randy Orton’s absence from WWE – Reports

Randy Orton was missing from this week’s RAW. Even though his tag team partner Riddle did mention him, it was surprising to find The Viper not featured on RAW. Reports state that Orton missed a house show recently for which he was advertised.

Randy Orton is one-half of the RAW tag team champions along with Riddle, but the two were not part of Extreme Rules. It is being revealed that while Orton wasn’t booked to be part of the pay-per-view, he missed a house show that he was advertised for.

“He wasn’t booked on the pay-per-view but he was booked on the house show and he wasn’t at the house show either so there’s something up.” said Meltzer

What could be next for Randy Orton?

Randy Orton had been absent for several weeks before returning last month and won the RAW Tag Team Championships with Riddle. It is believed the two men will have a lengthy reign as champions before a possible fallout.

Interestingly, The Viper is still active on social media and hinted that he is looking to win the 2022 Royal Rumble match. If Orton does win, he will become a 3-time Royal Rumble winner.

Riddle recently spoke about Randy Orton while speaking to SportsKeeda’s Riju Dasgupta on his podcast. Here is what the Original Bro had to say:

“On camera we are complete opposite people, you know, because he’s very serious,” Riddle said. “He lights people on fire, I ride a scooter and kick my flip flops off. We’re two different people on camera but off camera in the locker room we really connect, we’re cool, we get it.”

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