Has The Demon character lost its mystique in WWE?

Finn Balor has often leaned on his alter ego, The Demon, as a way to gain a psychological advantage over his opponents.

At Extreme Rules, the Demon looked less hell-bound and more hamstrung. Balor’s dark-sided doppleganger made his usual dramatic entrance, only to make a comically bad exit.


Going into the main event with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, the odds were stacked against Balor’s painted face persona. But in the past, fans knew that when the Irishman delved into his darker side… it usually resulted in a victory.

When Balor first unleashed the character against Seth Rollins it resulted in one of WWE’s biggest pops in recent year


The Demon was considered Balor’s version of Batman — his avenging, dark angel who rose to the occasion when it was time to battle the forces of ultimate evil. And for awhile WWE protected that mystique, only unveiling the character when it was absolutely necessary.

Much like the many personas of Mick Foley, WWE kept Balor’s Demon character on the shelf until it was needed as part of an important storyline. This was the correct move, as it added to the aura of this anomaly. It made the Demon persona feel special.

Unfortunately? Extreme Rules was possibly the most embarrassing moment for The Demon in WWE.

The Demon is supposed to be a mythic figure of mystery. He’s designed to be a dynamic devil of destruction.

But at Extreme Rules, WWE made him look more like a fool than a folk hero. With the odds stacked against this warrior, he did what most expected he would do. He did the job for Roman Reigns, thus setting up the inevitable match between the Tribal Chief and Brock Lesnar.

It begs the question: Does the Demon character mean what it used to? When Balor unleashed his alter ego in the past, it meant an almost certain victory for Balor. But now, It feels like the painted predator doesn’t have the same luster he used to.

At Extreme Rules, the Demon was made to look foolish. The rope break finish was bad enough, but throughout the entire match? You just knew he had no chance of defeating Reigns. He was simply being fed to the Tribal Chief to set up his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar.

Perhaps it’s time for Balor to retire his Demon persona in WWE. While it was once considered special, It was sent to the bowels of hell at Extreme Rules.

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