6 things WWE RAW got right after Extreme Rules: The Hurt Business reunites; Big E finds a new challenger

Just 24 hours after WWE Extreme Rules, the RAW roster was ready to entertain the fans once again. In one noteworthy match, Angel Garza took on Erik and defeated the former RAW Tag Team Champion in a short singles match.

Elsewhere, Jeff Hardy teamed up with Mustafa Ali and Mansoor to take on the heel trio of Jinder Mahal, Veer, and Shanky. In the end, Veer knocked the air out of Ali with a lariat to pick up the victory for his team on RAW.

Meanwhile, Doudrop faced Charlotte Flair in the ring and showed the RAW Women’s Champion what she’s made off. Shayna Baszler also continued to return to her roots and injure Superstars in order to move up the ladder.

From start to finish, RAW had some big matches and interesting segments this week. Fans saw a faction reunite, and a former champion returned to the ring after a long time away. Take a look at the six things WWE got right on RAW after Extreme Rules.

#6. The Hurt Business got back together on WWE RAW

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and WWE Champion Big E defeated Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, and Omos in a tag team match at Extreme Rules. In the show-opening bout, Big E hit the Big Ending to pin Lashley.

Despite this defeat, Lashley still got a rematch for the WWE Championship on RAW this week. The All Mighty came out all by himself while Kingston and Woods also stayed backstage.

The two men got down to business right away and unloaded with rights and lefts. Lashley remained dominant for the early part of the contest and punished Big E.

The fight spilled to the floor, where Lashley sent Big E head-first into the ring post. The WWE Champion responded with a big belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Both men continued to trade some moves before Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin made their way to ringside in Hurt Business shirts.

This distraction allowed Lashley to regain control of the match. To even the odds, Woods and Kingston ran down and began fighting with Benjamin and Alexander. The brawl forced the referee to call for the bell, and Adam Pearce booked a steel cage match between Big E and Lashley for the main event on RAW.

WWE did the right thing by bringing The Hurt Business back together. The faction was doing well months ago, and there was no reason to break it up in the first place.

While fans are unsure why Alexander and Benjamin want to get back with Bobby Lashley, this reunion will help fill the void left by MVP’s absence. The two men could potentially help Lashley win another title on the RAW in the months to come.

#5. Keith Lee returned on WWE RAW with a new name

Akira Tozawa was looking for a match on WWE RAW this week. Keith “Bearcat” Lee answered the call, as he made his way out to answer the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion’s challenge.

Lee came out with a new look, attitude and name, as he went after Tozawa right away. Bearcat threw Tozawa across the ring before he dropped his opponent with the Big Bang Catastrophe to pick up an easy win.

The match was quick but effective. The Limitless One is too talented to stay away from RAW for this long. While WWE could have brought him back in the United States Championship picture, it’s good to see that Lee is back on television so he can start working his way up the ranks.

#4. Karrion Kross got a bigger opponent to work with on WWE RAW

Like Lee, Karrion Kross competed in a quick match on WWE RAW, as the former NXT Champion went up against Jaxson Ryker and easily took control.

Kross taunted Ryker and frustrated him, and there was nothing the former Forgotten Son could do about it. Ryker was no match for Kross, and in the end, he had no choice but to tap out to the Kross Jacket submission.

From here on out, WWE needs to build Kross up quickly, as he has already competed in several squash matches since his arrival. RAW has failed to make full use of The Herald of Doomsday, but the creative team could elevate him to the secondary title picture after Crown Jewel.

#3. Damian Priest picked up a clean victory over Sheamus on WWE RAW

Sheamus surprisingly got a championship match on WWE RAW just hours after he took the pin in another title match at Extreme Rules. On Monday, the Celtic Warrior challenged Damian Priest for the United States Championship in a No Disqualification Match.

Sheamus took control of the match early, as he hit some thunderous blows to weaken the United States Champion before Priest made a comeback.

The two rivals took the fight to the floor and looked to use the No Disqualification stipulation to their advantage. They used the steel steps and the weapons around the ring in order to do even more damage.

Sheamus hit White Noise through the table and regained control of the match again. He used kendo sticks against the champion and left him withering in pain. Still, The Archer of Infamy was too much for Sheamus, and he sealed the deal by hitting the Reckoning to pick up another win on RAW.

The match was fast-paced and fun, though it was odd that Jeff Hardy didn’t get this shot. He didn’t get pinned in the triple threat match on Sunday, but Sheamus challenged for the title on RAW instead.

That being said, this victory cements Priest as a top guy on RAW. He rolled up Sheamus for an unconvincing victory at Extreme Rules but pinned him clean on RAW to prove his dominance.

#2. Riddle and AJ Styles put on a good show on WWE RAW

Randy Orton did not show up on WWE RAW this week, and his absence left Riddle all alone to take on AJ Styles, who had the massive Omos in his corner.

The Original Bro hit a Broton followed by some gutwrench suplexes to take control of the match early on. Styles fought back and sent him outside the ring before he blasted Riddle with a knee.

Riddle tried to knock the former WWE Champion out with a few elbows, but he could not keep The Phenomenal One down for long. Styles later hit a fireman’s carry neck breaker to stop him in his tracks.

Styles started to gain some momentum and hit a few big moves to slow down the RAW Tag Team Champion. The Original Bro tried to hit his finisher, but Styles countered it into the brutal Calf Crusher.

Riddle made it to the ropes in time, but a Styles Clash ended his resistance shortly thereafter, and The Phenomenal One picked up a big victory. With this outcome, it looks like the rivalry between RK-Bro and the team of Styles and Omos is far from over.

WWE will likely book a RAW Tag Team Championships match between the two teams at Crown Jewel, and this bout was a good way to reignite their rivalry.

#1. Big E and Bobby Lashley found their next challengers after a steel cage match on WWE RAW

The opening segment of WWE RAW led to a big steel cage match at the end of the show in a bout where Big E defended his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley.

The All Mighty attacked Big E before he could get in the cage, and he slammed the champion around the arena to weaken him before the match officially began.

Big E still managed to gain the upper hand once the match kicked off. He avoided a Spear from The All Mighty and hip-tossed him into the corner. Lashley later tried to climb out of the stage, but Big E stopped him in his tracks.

The two men continued to deliver some ring-shaking moves to each other before Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin got involved. They stopped Big E from escaping the cage before Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods came out to even the odds once again.

Back in the ring, Big E started to build up some momentum. He delivered some thunderous belly-to-belly suplexes to knock the wind out of Lashley. A Big Ending earned the champion a close two-count as he grew more and more frustrated.

Finally, Big E hit a Big Ending from the second rope to end The All Mighty’s defense and pick up the win on RAW. After the match, Drew McIntyre came out on the stage and pointed his sword at the champion to indicate he wanted the next shot.

Lashley also has a new challenge on his hands. Earlier on RAW, Goldberg vowed that he’ll punish Lashley for attacking his son at SummerSlam. It looks like RAW has two major matches set for the upcoming Crown Jewel event. The All Mighty will finally move out of the championship picture, while McIntyre is ready to return to the top once again.

It will be interesting to see who plays the heel in the rivalry between Big E and The Scottish Warrior, as both men have been positioned as beloved babyfaces for some time now.


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