5 Major Consequences if Drew McIntyre beats Big E for the WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre is next and he’s gunning for his third WWE Championship. Big E got past Bobby Lashley on RAW after defeating him decisively in a steel cage match. While the original bout was scheduled to open the show, it ended in a disqualification after The Hurt Business seemingly reunited.

Adam Pearce demanded that the match end decisively, so he booked a steel cage match between Big E and Lashley for the main event of RAW. Despite some interference, Big E decisively beat Lashley to retain the WWE title.

For Bobby Lashley, it likely means a move to SmackDown, although a feud with Goldberg is what’s next for him. Now that Lashley is officially out of the WWE title picture, it allows Drew McIntyre to challenge for the gold once again.

With that being said, here are 5 major consequences if Drew McIntyre beats Big E for the WWE Championship

#5. Drew McIntyre will get heavily booed

WWE did well in the last couple of months by rebuilding Drew McIntyre, which might make some believe that it’s a bit too early for him to be re-entering the WWE Championship picture.

When McIntyre claimed that he was going to win the Money in the Bank briefcase, the crowd booed him. While they loved and appreciated how he carried WWE on his back for most of 2020, it felt as though he had overstayed his welcome in the title picture.

After losing to Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania, McIntyre had another opportunity in a triple threat match at WrestleMania Backlash. After that, he had an opportunity at Hell in a Cell.

The loss to Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell ensured that he couldn’t challenge for the title as long as The Almighty One was the WWE champion. In the meantime, he failed to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase and defeated Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam.

It was refreshing to see him away from the non-title picture, but he’s right back in it. If Drew McIntyre defeats Big E for the WWE Championship, there’s no doubt that he’s going to get booed. Big E is the man on RAW right now and the crowd would likely hate to see him get toppled over by someone who was already in that spot for over a year.

#4. It would set up a Survivor Series clash against Roman Reigns

Last year at Survivor Series, Drew McIntyre faced Roman Reigns in an epic Champion vs Champion clash. It was Reigns who stood tall, but McIntyre looked great even in defeat.

McIntyre had taken the WWE title back from Randy Orton not long before Survivor Series, setting up a more interesting main event. If McIntyre doesn’t get drafted to SmackDown, a win over Big E would instantly set up a Survivor Series rematch against Roman Reigns, where he may have a higher chance of winning this year around.

#3. It would undo all the great work done with Drew McIntyre

Unfortunately for Drew McIntyre, the negative aspect of being back in the WWE title picture so early is that beating Big E will undo all the great work that was done with him and by him during 2018-2020.

2020 was a defining year for McIntyre, and a lot of credit must be given to him for carrying WWE during the pandemic/Thunderdome era. Complaints would flood in about McIntyre being overrated and unworthy of his push — which just wouldn’t be true.

#2. A heel turn would be in the works for Drew McIntyre

If Bobby Lashley happens to go to SmackDown, then Drew McIntyre might be forced to turn heel. Even if he’s been great as a top babyface, and it doesn’t feel like the right time for a heel turn.

But Lashley’s dominance on RAW hadn’t left a spot for another top heel to take his place — until now. While it might seem like a babyface vs babyface feud at first, a McIntyre heel turn would ensure that the feud gets extended until the end of 2021 at the very least.

#1. An era of short World title reigns to begin?

This is perhaps the most negative consequence of Drew McIntyre winning the WWE Championship from Big E. It would mean that Big E’s World title reign would be cut short and potentially kickstart an era of short reigns. So far the company’s done a good job of making title reigns mean something.

While The Miz’s title reign in 2021 only lasted 8 days, Bobby Lashley’s lasted just shy of 200 days. Roman Reigns, on the other hand, is about to touch 400 days as the WWE Champion.

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