Have you Acknowledged WWE Roman Reigns today?

Roman Reigns rejects John Cena’s challenge

The second straight episode of WWE television kicked off with John Cena making his way to the ring. Cena ran down Roman Reigns again, saying he had to come back to take down the champion and that the match at SummerSlam was a call for fans to determine which team they’re on. Cena called for Reigns to come to the ring but instead drew out Paul Heyman. Heyman gave Cena his word that he would receive an answer to his challenge when, and only when, Reigns chose to come to the ring and do so.

After Jimmy Uso beat Dominik Mysterio in the final match of the show (see below), Reigns made his way to the ring to address Cena’s challenge. After ranting about Cena, Reigns denied the offer for a match, saying “We won’t see you in the SummerSlam main event.” This brought Finn Balor to the ring, with Balor saying that, if Reigns isn’t interested in Cena’s challenge, maybe Reigns would be interested in his. Reigns ended the show with a simple, “Challenge accepted.”

It wasn’t entirely clear if Balor’s challenge was for SummerSlam or just for some point before. It would be odd to have hyped up Cena vs. Reigns just to have it disappear with a simple “no thanks” from the champion but Balor getting a crack at SummerSlam would also be intriguing. It could also be a distraction for Reigns since Cena isn’t wrestling before SummerSlam and he can’t keep showing up to cut the same promo every week. Regardless, a twist is always fun and this certainly was a twist. Grade: B+



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