Cesaro Reveals What Disappointed Him In Feud With Roman Reigns

Longtime fan favorite and veteran WWE superstar Cesaro finally received a long overdue main event push earlier this year.

Following Reigns’ program with Daniel Bryan (who now works in AEW as Bryan Danielson), Cesaro was propeled to the top of the card. The Swiss Superman engaged in a feud with Reigns and The Usos, leading to a Universal Championship match at WrestleMania Backlash on May 16.

It was always obvious that Reigns was going to emerge victorious in this program. He hasn’t been pinned since TLC 2019, after all. But the 40-year-old Cesaro made the most of his short and sweet time in the main event scene and put on a clinical performance against Reigns at WrestleMania Backlash. It was a back-and-forth bout that lasted 27 and a half minutes, finally ending when Reigns defeated Cesaro via technical submission.

Although this went down as one of the most entertaining and successful runs of Cesaro’s WWE career, the former United States Champion admitted that there was one giant disappointment in the feud with Reigns during an interview with FOX Sports’ Ryan Satin on the “Out of Character” podcast.

“You know what I was disappointed about? I wish it would have been in front of fans,” Cesaro explained. “That’s, like, the one thing. That match, the buildup, everything, I wish it would have been in front of fans, but it was still awesome.”

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Cesaro Screaming In The Ring

After spending five months at the Performance Center (beginning in March 2020) in Orlando, Florida, WWE introduced the ThunderDome concept on the Aug. 21, 2020 episode of Friday Night SmackDown. The ThunderDome was uses for nearly 11 full months until WWE resumed touring in the summer, starting with July 16 episode of SmackDown.

This Would Have Been Awesome For Live Audiences

Being one of the most beloved yet greatly underused superstars of his era, Cesaro certainly deserves a chance to work in the main event scene in front of live audiences. It’s a shame that he hasn’t had that opportunity, even after WWE began touring again in July.

Cesaro’s feud with Reigns ended long after WWE resumed touring. He hasn’t been used that much on television since WrestleMania Backlash, and it’s truly difficult to understand.

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