5 dream cross-promotional opponents for Seth Rollins

Ever since his main roster debut as part of the Shield, Seth Rollins has been presented as one of the focal points of WWE. Even though he’s struggled at points, Rollins has managed to establish himself as a constant in WWE and has been involved in a number of iconic moments.

Rollins is now such a big star that if he were to jump to another promotion, it would be a landmark moment in the professional wrestling industry. With that being said, here are five dream cross-promotional opponents for Seth Rollins:

#5. Kenny Omega vs Seth Rollins anyone?

One of the biggest stars in professional wrestling over the last decade, Seth Rollins would be an outstanding challenger to Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. Rollins and Omega are two of the best in-ring performers on the planet and a dream match between them is a mouth-watering prospect.

The two stars have even addressed the possibility of wrestling each other. When asked about his dream WWE opponents, Omega brought up Rollins without a second thought and showered the former Universal Champion with praise, referencing the comparisons between the two.

When asked about working with Omega down the road, Rollins said:

When Kenny’s done playing in the minor leagues over there, then he can come and work at the absolute top professional wrestling company in the world, in front of the most people, and make the most money, and have the biggest matches, which is with me at WrestleMania (H/T Wrestling Inc)

#4. Jon Moxley vs Seth Rollins is always special

Thanks to their days in the Shield, Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley will always be linked to each other. When the group disbanded, Rollins turned heel and had a memorable program with Moxley. Even when both men moved onto other things, the shadow of the Shield and their feud loomed over them.


Moxley even won his only WWE Championship by cashing in Money in the Bank on Rollins after The Architect had just reclaimed the title from Roman Reigns. Even after moving to AEW, Moxley has taken shots at WWE and Rollins has come to the company’s defence. Renewing this classic rivalry between two modern-day greats would certainly make for compelling television.

#3. Will Ospreay vs Seth Rollins needs to happen

Will Ospreay vs Seth Rollins is just a match made in heaven. With his high-flying style, Ospreay regularly thrills audiences and is one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the planet. Even though he’s only 28-years-of-age, Ospreay has already racked up 16 5-star matches from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The Assassin’s aerial style would mesh wonderfully with Seth Rollins, who himself is no stranger to the top rope. Ospreay and Rollins even laid the groundwork for this match when they took jabs at each other on Twitter following WWE’s disastrous Stomping Grounds pay-per-view.


Even though Rollins later apologized for an unsavory comment, there is enough material that can tie into a feud.

#2. Malakai Black has a new lease on life

Ever since his move to AEW debut, Malakai Black’s occultist character has found a focus that he hasn’t always had in WWE. Black went after Cody Rhodes and members of the Nightmare Family right off the bat and established himself as one of AEW’s biggest stars.

Black’s Muay-Thai-based style gives his matches a level of violence that helps set him apart. Seth Rollins could push the Dutch star’s boundaries and have an incredible match with him.

#1. CM Punk is the man of the hour

The hottest commodity in professional wrestling today is CM Punk. There are a number of fresh matches waiting for CM Punk after his seven-year hiatus. Punk’s emphasis on in-ring psychology makes him a welcome addition to the current landscape which is populated with wrestlers who are more inclined towards spotfests.

There’s also an interesting backstory between Punk and Seth Rollins as the Shield stemmed from one of the Chicago native’s ideas. The Shield gave Rollins the best possible starting platform and set him on the path to stardom. This dynamic would add an interesting layer to a feud between Punk and Rollins.


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