“He was actually supposed to be in The Shield” – Kofi Kingston discusses Top WWE Star almost being a part of The Shield (Exclusive)

Kofi Kingston recently discussed the original plans for current WWE Champion Big E to be a part of The Shield.

The Shield is one of the most dominant and successful factions in WWE history. With all three stars eventually becoming world champions in WWE, it is hard to argue that The Shield wasn’t the best stable in WWE within the last ten years.

One other team that can lay claim to that accolade is The New Day, which is currently going strong with Big E as the WWE Champion. However, the trajectory of both teams could have been vastly different based on some information that Kofi Kingston recently touched upon.

Speaking with Rick Ucchino of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Kofi Kingston discussed the plans for Big E to originally be a part of The Shield.

“Big E will tell the story a lot better, but long-story-short, he was actually supposed to be in the Shield a long time ago, way way back when they were trying to pick people from FCW to come up. So Roman gets the call, Roman goes off, builds himself and does all these incredible things and incredible run with The Shield. Roman is Roman and also Big E has done some incredible things and [shown] some incredible growth . . . Now, everyone loves Big E, so there’s a big journey there too,” said Kofi Kingston.

You can check out Kofi Kingston’s thoughts on Roman Reigns, Xavier Woods, King of The Ring and a diverse range of interesting topics in the video below.

While Big E and Roman Reigns went on completely different paths after getting called up from FCW, their paths intersect tonight as they are set to share the ring.

The Bloodline will go head-to-head with The New Day on WWE RAW tonight

Last Friday on WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns was interrupted by none other than the newly crowned WWE Champion Big E. The Powerhouse of Positivity proceeded to get inside the ring with Roman Reigns but before he could say anything, Finn Balor came out.

Moments later, Balor and Big E were pitted against The Usos in the show’s opening match. While the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions put up a good fight, Big E and Balor were able to outperform them and pick up the win.

Later that night, Big E was attacked by The Usos and shortly after, WWE announced a big trios match for RAW. The Bloodline is set to face off against The New Day tonight.

What do you think of this match-up? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Kofi Kingston spoke about Big E’s historic WWE Championship win to us, which you can check out here.

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