WWE RAW – 5 Possible surprises – Brock Lesnar appears for a showdown, New faction of top stars formed, Ultimate heel turn?

It’s certainly a new era for WWE RAW with Big E as the face of the flagship brand. Because the company has been facing stiff competition from the NFL and also AEW, this is a show to watch out for.

It’s very likely that WWE RAW will throw everything against the wall to see what sticks once again. Since much of the roster will be in the United Kingdom for the big WWE tour, there’s a chance that more than one SmackDown star could potentially show up to play. So, with that said, here are five major surprises we could see during the show.

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#5 Brock Lesnar shows up on WWE RAW, confirming all the ongoing rumors

Did you guys catch SmackDown this week? Kayla Braxton admitted that her sources have said Brock Lesnar could be moving to WWE RAW. Could we see a tease of the same on the red brand’s upcoming show, with Lesnar showing up to throw it down with Bobby Lashley?

Roman Reigns, Lesnar’s opponent from Crown Jewel, is currently involved in a feud with both The Beast Incarnate and Finn Balor. Similarly, Brock Lesnar could tease a showdown with Lashley on WWE RAW that happens at a later date. WWE needs to garner all the eyeballs that it can get in the light of stiff competition, and this is a way to get there with two of its most physically dominant performers.

This WWE RAW surprise, to be quite honest, is unlikely, which is why it is so very low on this list. The others, however, could certainly happen during the three-hour broadcast.

#4 A new heel faction is formed on WWE RAW

WWE RAW could soon showcase the formation of a new faction. Good things come in threes, whether it’s The New Day or The Bloodline. Now that MVP is out with an injury, chances are that Bobby Lashley will need some backup too. Could he form a trio with Omos and AJ Styles?

Lashley could assure both men that the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships aren’t in his crosshairs. Hey, all factions eventually break up, so we might get the money match – Bobby Lashley vs. Omos.

#3 Kofi Kingston betrays Big E to set up a match

But then maybe Bobby Lashley vs. Big E is not a direction we’re going to head down on WWE RAW anytime soon! Could Kofi Kingston turn heel in the ultimate swerve following what should be the WWE RAW main event?

Big E vs. Kofi Kingston could set the product on fire once again. It may just be the dose of adrenaline we need to make WWE RAW great yet again.

#2 Bobby Lashley potentially gets a new manager

As dominant as Bobby Lashley is in the ring, we can all agree that MVP adds a lot to the package, making him appear as a top-tier WWE RAW star.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, Lashley told us why he thinks his pairing with MVP is so unique:

“We’re not just a duo,” said Lashley. “We’re friends. We’ve been making some big moves. We started The Hurt Business. There’s all kinds of things that we’ve done.”

Since MVP is out with an injury, could someone else from the WWE RAW roster step up to align himself temporarily with Bobby Lashley?

Someone that immediately comes to mind is Ali. He could continue the player/coach role that he’s adopted in order to teach Mansoor the ropes, with Lashley!

#1 WWE RAW is graced by a SmackDown superstar

Damian Priest put on a clinic against Jeff Hardy in the previous episode. Could he have a similar sort of match against SmackDown’s own Sami Zayn, for instance?

Zayn and Priest could tear it up on WWE RAW, which will be depleted with top stars like Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal in the United Kingdom.

Even if he comes up short, the match is guaranteed to be electric.


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