“I can’t help you!” – Ex-WWE star reveals Edge’s reaction after he got stuck in a car

Ex-WWE star Hornswoggle told a hilarious story of how Edge once refused to help him when he got stuck on the floorboard of a car.

Former WWE personalities Hornswoggle, Gerald Brisco and JBL sat down to share stories from their time on the road. One story that stood out featured WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Hornswoggle’s misadventure inside a car.

“Oh Son of a bi**h! Very rarely do I not wear my seatbelt. Because of things like this. I’ve always been a seatbelt advocate. But there’s a few times, and it’s only when I’m not wearing…that something like this happens, obviously. But, I don’t remember the circumstances or anything. All I remember was I was turned, and then I was under the dashboard.

“He hits the breaks so hard, I somehow slide under and I’m looking at the ceiling. I can’t get out and he looks at me, and his eyes are just like dinner plates and he goes, “Oh! I can’t help you! This is too good!” I go, “I’m stuck, Adam,” He’s “I don’t care, this is too good to help. I wanna see how this ends.'” recalled Hornswoggle.


Edge’s career is chock-full of hilarious stories such as the one Hornswoggle told

Edge made his way to WWE in the late 90s and went on to become one of the biggest superstars. He entertained the audience until his first retirement in 2011.

Edge had tons of amusing stories to share with fans, which he did on his podcast with fellow WWE veteran Christian. Edge was a top name in WWE back when Hornswoggle was a regular act on the weekly shows. While Edge was a hated heel on WWE, he was one of the funniest guys backstage.

Hornswoggle did well for himself during his WWE run that lasted a decade. He was mostly used as a comedy act. Hornswoggle’s biggest moment was a Cruiserweight title win at The Great American Bash 2007.

Hornswoggle and JBL shared several other hilarious stories that you can check out in the video embedded above.

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