Extreme Rules 2021 – 3 reasons why Damian Priest should retain and 2 reasons why Sheamus should win the United States ChampionshipExtreme Rules 2021 – 3 reasons why Damian Priest should retain and 2 reasons why Sheamus should win the United States Championship

Damian Priest has been on a roll since he moved from NXT to WWE RAW. A surprise entrant at the Royal Rumble, he left quite the impression, eliminating John Morrison, The Miz, Elias, and Kane.

With victories over The Miz and Morrison in singles competition and WrestleMania 37 triumph, Damian Priest has carved a path of success on the red brand.

His path has also seen its fair share of roadblocks, with Sheamus emerging as one of the biggest. Priest beat Sheamus on RAW in a singles match, which laid the foundation for their rivalry. The Archer of Infamy challenged The Celtic Warrior to a United States Championship match at Summerslam and emerged victorious.

Priest then successfully defended his title in a triple-threat match also involving Drew McIntyre to earn the Scottish Superstar’s respect.

Subsequently, a singles match was held between McIntyre and Sheamus to determine the number one contender for Priest’s U.S. Championship. The Celtic Warrior won the bout to set up a rematch at Extreme Rules.

In this article, we dive into three reasons why Damian Priest should retain his title and two reasons why Sheamus should once again become the United States Champion.

#5 Damian Priest – Championships are a good way to push new talent in WWE

Priest is relatively new to the red brand spending less than a year on the show. Keeping the title will be a good way to push him for better challenges ahead. The WWE Universe is enjoying his stay as the champion in his babyface avatar.

Priest as champion can continue to fight other heels after ending his feud with Sheamus with a successful title defense. After all, championships are a vital boost of confidence for new talent to realize their full potential.

#4 Sheamus – This rivalry can have continuity and excitement going forward

In pay-per-view matches, as things stand, Priest has a 1-0 lead over Sheamus. At Extreme Rules, should Sheamus win, the score would be tied at one apiece, leading to a match possibly at Survivor Series. The rivalry will have renewed excitement and continuity for the WWE Universe with lots to look forward to.

The feud could finally culminate in a Survivor Series showdown, with either Sheamus or Priest having the final laugh. A befitting end to a historic rivalry.

#3 Damian Priest – His connection with the WWE Universe will gain further credibility

Should Priest retain his title at Extreme Rules, his bond with the WWE Universe will be further cemented to enhance his credibility. This could be a much-needed boost for him to conquer steeper challenges in the business with fans by his side.

#2 Sheamus – Drew McIntyre comes into the reckoning, pushing Damian Priest to newer heights

Of late, Drew McIntyre hasn’t been in any feud of significance. Should Sheamus beat Priest at Extreme Rules, McIntyre could start a feud with Sheamus.

The Celtic Warrior and the Scottish Superstar have had memorable rivalries. McIntyre’s challenge for the United States Championship will be entertaining.

This could also help Priest scale higher peaks by challenging Big E for the WWE title.

#1 Damian Priest – 2 in 2 PPV wins over Sheamus cements his legacy as United States Champion

Legacies are cemented with not just one win, but repeated triumphs over a particular opponent.

Should Priest beat Sheamus this coming Sunday, his legacy as United States Champion will reach new heights. In such a short span of time, recording two wins over a WWE veteran at pay-per-view events would be worthy of every praise.

The Archer of Infamy will surely be anointed among the greats who have held this prestigious championship in the past.


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