WWE SmackDown Preview: Roman Reigns mocks ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor, big mistake involving Brock Lesnar ahead of Extreme Rules, response to #GiveSDWomenAChance (17th September 2021)

We are all set for this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. Between the latest developments confirmed by the company, there are a lot of twists that could be in store for tonight’s show. The Blue brand has been brilliant over the last few months but now is a crucial time where the creative team can’t afford blunders.

Here, we look at the things that can transpire on WWE SmackDown tonight. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 Roman Reigns reacts to The Demon on WWE SmackDown

There’s a lot to iscuss regarding the Universal Championship picture on WWE SmackDown. But first, it is important to note that Finn Balor has brought back his popular alter-ego, The Demon. Last week, we saw him make his first-ever appearance on the Blue brand. He walked out after the main event and confronted Roman Reigns and his entourage.

Paul Heyman and The Usos were too intimidated to stand up to him, and the latter wasted no time in letting everyone know that The Tribal Chief is his only target. Balor previously challenged Reigns for the Universal Championship on WWE SmackDown. However, The Usos’ pre-match attack, their interference, and an eventual low blow helped Reigns retain his title.

Balor had teased the return of The Demon and finally brought back the mystic character on the Friday night show. Fans were excited to see him, but then, that was it. The events that transpired over the next few days led many into questioning the company’s intentions with The Demon – a character that has been well protected for years.

Now, it appears highly unlikely that The Demon will end Roman Reigns’ title reign. While that would have been an incredible way to show that he is indestructible, we are seemingly headed down an entirely different route. For now, Roman Reigns will look to make a strong statement by questioning Balor’s entire credibility as well as that of The Demon.

It is essential that the creative team allows The Demon to assert his dominance on the show by booking him in an actual, balanced confrontation with Reigns. The latter has escaped punishment on multiple occasions at the back of his allies, but that shouldn’t be the case when he is facing Balor’s alter-ego.

There is a desperate need to build up this match in a manner that will force fans to tune in at Extreme Rules, and it should all start on the show tonight.

#4 Huge spoiler in the biggest title feud on WWE SmackDown


Speaking of the Universal Championship picture on WWE SmackDown, it’s no secret that Roman Reigns has several credible challengers waiting for a match against him. The biggest name on that list is Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate confronted Reigns on the show last Friday and destroyed his entourage, including his former spokesperson Paul Heyman.

It has been confirmed that Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar will face each other for the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel next month. While the hype around this match is understandable, the official statement has severely affected its booking.

As discussed before, Reigns will first put his title on the line against The Demon at Extreme Rules. But the Crown Jewel announcement has effectively spoiled the biggest storyline on the Blue brand.

Unless the writers are planning on pulling off a major swerve by booking a title change at Extreme Rules, Reigns’ upcoming match essentially means that The Demon is going to lose at the next pay-per-view. The promotion must have seen backlash towards the announcement and should take steps to redeem the narrative on WWE SmackDown tonight.

A surprise appearance from Lesnar during the Reigns and Balor segment will perhaps do the job. It will also help establish that The Beast Incarnate will pose a looming threat to the Universal Championship feud. Is there a potential triple-threat match on the cards? Hopefully, the show will give us more answers tonight.

#3 WWE SmackDown’s plans to redeem its women’s division

Last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown was great, but it also had one major drawback. We barely saw any significant developments in the storylines on the women’s division.

Zelina Vega was scheduled for a match at the tribute show, but it had to be canceled due to time constraints. Several additional factors led to ‘#Give SDWomenAChance” taking over Twitter as fans urged the promotion to invest more time and effort into the women’s feuds.

We also saw Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair sign the contract for the upcoming SmackDown Women’s title match at Extreme Rules. It was an unconventional segment, but it did well to show that Belair will be better prepared this time. Now, we hope to see them engage in intense segments to help build their feud ahead of the next pay-per-view.

Between Sasha Banks’ absence and Bayley’s unfortunate injury, the brand’s women’s division has taken a huge blow. The fact that Lynch’s return is not enough for fans speaks volumes about their interest in watching the top stars engage in good feuds.

Will the creative team book a couple of good women’s matches for the show tonight? Even something as simple as adding Naomi to The Bloodline can help them create waves. It will be interesting to see how the show will respond to the #GiveSDWomenAChance hashtag.

#2 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn’s next possible directions on WWE SmackDown

It’s been a while since Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been involved in promising feuds on WWE SmackDown. But that has not stopped them from stealing the shows every other week.

Last time, Zayn brought NBA star Trey Young to MSG and drew nuclear heat. Before that, he was involved in a couple of matches with Dominik that eventually teased a split between the latter and his father, Rey Mysterio.

On the other hand, Owens has been involved in segments with Happy Corbin and Logan Paul. To his credit, KO made the segment look incredible and could extend his involvement in this storyline. It will be interesting to see what’s in store for him on the Blue brand as we move forward.

Zayn and Owens are two incredible superstars who can work wonders with anything that is handed to them. However, weak bookings are bound to take a toll on their respective characters. WWE SmackDown needs them in top storylines because, let’s be honest. The promotion can’t afford to lose them both to their rivals

#1 What’s next for Seth Rollins on WWE SmackDown?

Last week on WWE SmackDown, Seth Rollins and Edge delivered a brilliant match in the second encounter of their intense feud. Although their match ran over its designated time frame, both superstars deserve credit for the incredible storytelling inside the ring. The match ended with Rollins using a devastating Stomp to seal his victory.

The Rated-R Superstar was rushed out of the arena on a stretcher, and Seth Rollins stood there surprised by his actions. He appeared doubtful over his conduct, albeit momentarily. It is important to note that he said he needs to be more like Edge to beat the veteran. We can expect him to reflect on the match and its subsequent implications tonight on the Blue brand.

Both Edge and Rollins engaged in a feud because they wanted to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship before Finn Balor returned. Will The Architect turn his attention towards Reigns now?

He could also make his presence known during Balor and Reigns’ segment on the show, laying the groundwork for his potential feud with The Demon. After all, the two superstars share a pretty solid history involving the Universal Championship.

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