WWE Raw: WWE Superstar MVP suffered a broken rib courtesy of a vicious RKO from Randy Orton. Check details

WWE Raw – MVP Injury Update: Last week on WWE Raw, during the WWE Championship match between Randy Orton & Bobby Lashley, MVP, who manages Lashley, tried to intervene in the bout only to get rocked with a vicious RKO outside the ring by The Viper Randy Orton. 

WWE Raw – MVP Injury Update: Following the RKO, MVP suffered a broken rib and is out indefinitely. He won’t be appearing on WWE TV for a while, which means Bobby Lashley would be doing his segments on his own. The news was broke down on WWE’s official Twitter handle that read, 


WWE Raw – MVP Injury Update: What exactly happened with MVP last week?

MVP was at the ringside for Bobby Lashley’s WWE title defense against Randy Orton. The Apex Predator hit the All-Mighty with a devastating RKO and almost had him in his grasp for a pin until MVP dragged Lashley towards the apron.

This led Randy’s tag-team partner Riddle to get involved in an ugly spat with MVP as the two men exchanged a few words.- This frustrated Randy Orton even more. He went outside the ring and hit MVP with a vicious RKO near the barricade. MVP’s landing was ugly, which may have led him to suffer a broken rib.

WWE Raw – MVP Injury Update: When we may see MVP back on WWE TV?

There’s no word out as of writing about the intensity of injury MVP is carrying. WWE has announced on its official Twitter handle only about the injury and hasn’t mentioned anything related to what date MVP will be back. We hope to see him soon and get back to do what he does best. We will keep a check on his condition and keep you updated with the same.

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