“What it comes down to is” – Ex-WWE Star reveals how Big E’s title reign can be successful (Exclusive)

Big E recently defeated Bobby Lashley to become the new WWE Champion, and many names from the industry have since congratulated him on this accomplishment. Johnny Jeter – best known for his time as a Spirit Squad member in WWE – feels that the powerhouse of The New Day wrestles at a “world-class level” and has worked hard to reach the top of the pecking order.

Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank contract during this week’s RAW to win the world title, which is something he had publicly predicted to do even before the episode aired live.

During Johnny Jeter’s recent appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted, he stated that factors such as being able to tell a good story in the ring, excellent entertainment value, and attracting significant fan interest, will determine the success of Big E’s reign.

“I think it’s awesome that he’s getting an opportunity to win the title. Whether you want the guy, you know the guy, you think he’s over or not, whether he’s deserving or not – I know he’s been there a while, I know he’s worked really hard to be where he’s at, and he wrestles at a world-class level. So the guy has all the talent to take the ball and run with it, and I’m sure he will.” Jeter continued, “I think what it comes down to is if he can tell a story in the ring, be entertaining, and get fans to buy in, you know – fans and non-fans alike. I think regardless [of that], he’ll be a great champion.”

Jeter also narrated a hilarious John Cena-Shawn Michaels story and discussed other interesting topics on UnSKripted. You can check out the Q&A session below:

What is next for Bobby Lashley in WWE?

Now that the WWE title no longer rests on Lashley’s shoulders, social media posts have led to speculation that The Hurt Business could reunite.

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin were once part of the faction but got kicked out of it a few months ago. Lashley and MVP have remained on-screen allies since then, but Alexander and Benjamin’s exclusion from The Hurt Business was a decision that led to fan criticism.

As far as the WWE Championship is concerned, it seems likely that The All Mighty will get his rematch against Big E at some point.

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