“I want to see them back” – Big E wants popular WWE faction to reform and face New Day

New WWE Champion Big E wants all four members of The Hurt Business to get together again and feud with The New Day.

While speaking to Complex, Big E was asked about future challenges he could face as WWE Champion. The New Day star stated that there would be multiple opportunities if all four members of The Hurt Business reunited.

“The first thought that comes to mind is The Hurt Business. I want to see them back. I want to see them together. Man, just the opportunity to go out there. The story is already there. The history is there, but I beat Bobby, and now Bobby needs to back up and [get] his two cast-off brothers back again. I got two brothers of my own. There are so many opportunities. But imagine The Hurt Business coming back together to do battle with The New Day. All kinds of incarnations; singles matches, tag matches. Man, there’s so much that we can do there,” said Big E.

Big E referenced Cedric Alexander’s tweet following Bobby Lashley’s title loss and believes that Lashley will not back down and will fight to regain his title.

The Hurt Business split up in WWE this year

Earlier this year, the Hurt Business surprisingly dissolved as Lashley threw Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin out of the group. Despite being heels, the foursome (including MVP) had become a popular faction with the WWE Universe.

However, MVP teased a reunion after Lashley’s loss on RAW by posting a picture of himself beside Shelton Benjamin.

Meanwhile, Lashley revealed last month that there’s room for more stars to be added to The Hurt Business, which means we could perhaps see the return of Alexander and Benjamin to feud with The New Day.

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