5 things WWE NXT got right this week: Tommaso Ciampa takes Goldie home; Mandy Rose returns

WWE NXT went through a major change on Tuesday night. Fans were looking forward to what NXT 2.0 brings, and the future of the superstars involved.

Samoa Joe relinquished his NXT Championship a couple of nights before this week’s show. His injury forced William Regal to announce a match to crown the new NXT Champion on Tuesday night.

Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis prepared to tie the knot after months of drama. Many expected things to go very wrong during the wedding ceremony segment.

Mandy Rose returned after suffering a facial injury at the hands of Sarray several weeks ago. Meanwhile, Diamond Mine continued to grow after The Creed Brothers had another impressive outing.

Imperium defeated Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs to get back on track while Hit Row’s B-Fab made her in-ring debut after her crew hyped her up. Carmelo Hayes brought on Trick Williams as backup before deciding who he wanted to challenge for a championship opportunity.

This week’s NXT had some good segments, and a few ordinary matches. Let’s look at the five things WWE got right on the brand new NXT.

#5. Newcomer Bron Breakker outdid LA Knight on WWE NXT

NXT kicked off with promos from Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, and LA Knight. All four men were ready to compete for the NXT Championship in the main event.

Right after Knight was done talking, Bron Breakker challenged him to a match. Knight, overconfident, accepted the challenge.

The former Million Dollar Champion attacked the newcomer and cornered him. Breakker used his impressive strength to break free, fight back, and hit big suplexes before Knight stomped on him.

However, the newcomer’s strength was too much for Knight. Breakker lifted the Million Dollar Superstar over his head and hit a huge powerslam to get the pin.

The match gave Breakker a victory on his first outing in NXT. It was interesting to see that the brand put a newcomer over the former NXT Million Dollar Champion.

Fans expected to see Knight win the NXT Championship. The outcome of the match suggested that he could get a favorable look at the end of the show.

The match set the mood for the night, and fans knew they would get to see something different and exciting throughout the new revamped version of NXT.

#4. Mandy Rose finally left a mark on WWE NXT

Gigo Dolin and Jacy Jayne were ready to face Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter on NXT this week. Catanzaro and Carter were looking to make an impression but were put on the backfoot by the heels.

Soon after, Mandy Rose interfered in the contest to cause a disqualification. The heels beat down Catanzaro and Carter before Sarray arrived to make the save. William Regal restarted the match as a six-woman tag.

Rose looked better in the ring during the contest and took the fight to the babyfaces. The heels isolated Cantanzaro for some time and worked over her. She escaped and made a hot tag to Carter who set off immediately.

Sarray came in and went after Rose. Rose sent The Warrior of the Sun out of the ring and hit a bicycle knee on Carter to take the victory.

It was one of the better matches during the night that helped elevate the women’s roster. It was good to see Rose back in the NXT ring doing what she does best. She will likely help Dolin and Jayne get a push in the weeks to come.

#3. The Creed Brothers squashed another team on WWE NXT

The Creed Brothers made their debut on NXT last week. This week, the brothers came out for another match on the revamped show.

Julius and Brutus Creed were ready to make an impact. The local competitors were no match for the two huge men who threw them around like ragdolls. The Creed Brothers slammed their opponents into each other to showcase their strength.

Julius and Brutus used unconventional ways to tag each other in and get each other more pumped up during the contest. In the end, Julius finished off the local competitor with a rolling fireman’s carry into a low running uppercut.

The match was essentially a squash, but did well to build the newcomers. After the match, Malcolm Bivens put over the newest member of Diamond Mine, Ivy Nile.

KUSHIDA finally made his return right after and challenged Roderick Strong. Bivens did not hesitate to make the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match official for next week.

It was good to see KUSHIDA back, and fans can expect a great contest between him and Strong for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

#2. Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis tied the knot on WWE NXT

The biggest wedding of the year was set to take place on NXT. Johnny Gargano, Drake Maverick, and Odyssey Jones were seen backstage preparing for the InDex Wedding.

Former member of The Way, Austin Theory, showed up with United States Champion Damian Priest. He believed that a Priest must be present for the proceedings.

Gargano took the spotlight before things started to pick up. Ikemen Jiro surprised everyone with the wedding rings before Indi Hartwell said her vows.

Dexter Lumis had no vows, and knocked out the priest with the Silence. Beth Pheonix officiated proceedings from thereon, and things went pretty smoothly. The Tortured Artist finally spoke to say “I do”. Pheonix ordained the wedding, and the two passionately kissed to end NXT.

Fans were looking forward to the wedding and expected something to go wrong. However, things went smoothly and the wedding was fun to watch. The NXT creative team did well to not ruin this special moment for Hartwell and Lumis.

#1. Tommaso Ciampa won the WWE NXT Championship again

Before the main event, Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland attacked Kyle O’Reilly in the locker room. O’Reilly was unable to compete due to the beatdown, and William Regal offered newcomer Von Wagner a place in the contest.

Wagner was set to make an early impression, but was no match for the veterans. Tommaso Ciampa seemed the most focused in the contest as he tried his best to stay in the competition without tiring out too much. Knight hit The Bruiserweight with Blunt Force Trauma for a near fall.

Ciampa nearly took out Dunne with the Fairy Tale Ending, but The Bruiserweight turned it into the Bitter End. Wagner then hit the former Million Dollar Champion with an Olympic Slam. After Knight took some more damage, Ciampa ran in to hit the Fairy Tale Ending to win back the NXT Championship.

The match was the best one of the night. NXT had short matches this week, and this one helped elevate the episode. However, it didn’t feel much like a championship bout.

Anyway, Ciampa was the right pick to win the NXT Championship. He has the experience and the backstory to take the brand forward. It looks like he will be fighting a lot of new stars in the months to come.

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