What happened between Big E and Becky Lynch’s mom?

Following Big E’s WWE Championship victory on RAW, Becky Lynch put out a tweet to congratulate the new champion. She replied to that by telling Big E that her mother said congratulations as well.

She was referring to two years ago when Big E “actively pursued” Becky Lynch’s mother. It was over a month after Becky Lynch’s historic WrestleMania main event in 2019, and she was feuding with Lacey Evans.

Becky Lynch posted a picture of her mother looking unimpressed to take a dig at her challenger, but it seemed to have a huge impact on Big E.

From that moment on, Big E professed his love for Becky Lynch’s mother by stating that he would lay his whole body in a puddle so that she could walk over him safely.

While Becky Lynch insisted on her mother being a married woman, she sarcastically hinted that Big E needed to message a burner phone later on. What followed was a series of hilarious tweets by Big E professing his love for “Mama Lynch.” Ultimately, this was all a running gag between the two good friends behind the scenes.

Big E wanted to be Becky Lynch’s stepfather

Big E, on his Busted Open Radio appearance, said that Becky Lynch approved of the possible relationship with her mother and that it would make him her stepfather. He joked that since Becky Lynch is a grown woman, he doesn’t need to spend any money raising her. He went on, saying:

“I’m currently childless. So, if you’re gonna start with your first child, how about being a champion? It’s ready made. I don’t have to wait twenty years for her to turn into something decent. She’s already there!” said Big E.

Becky Lynch referring to her mother telling Big E congratulations was a fun little throwback to May 2019. At that time, Big E had a lot of free time in his hands as he was out with an injury.

Becky Lynch, meanwhile, was in the early stages of her year-long dominance as the RAW Women’s Champion.


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