Randy Orton breaks silence after failing to win the WWE Championship on RAW

Randy Orton has reacted to his loss to Bobby Lashley on the latest edition of WWE RAW. Taking to Instagram, The Viper broke his silence after failing to become a 15-time WWE World Champion.

Orton’s latest Instagram post simply reads the number 14, referring to him being a 14-time WWE World Champion. Before his match against Lashley on RAW, Orton posted a similar graphic that read the number 15.

Here’s what Randy Orton posted after his loss to Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW this week:

As seen on RAW, following Orton’s loss to Lashley, The Almighty himself didn’t have much to celebrate about. The now-former WWE Champion was caught off guard by Big E, who jumped ship from SmackDown to RAW and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract.

The New Day member hit the Big Ending on Lashley and won the WWE Championship. In doing so, Big E won his first world title in WWE. Before this week’s RAW, the New Day star had hinted that he’ll be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

Randy Orton remains a champion despite failing to win the WWE Championship

Randy Orton is still one-half of the RAW Tag Team Champions, despite failing to win the WWE Championship. The Viper has been teaming up with Riddle and the pair is known as RK-Bro.

Here’s what Randy Orton posted before his match against Bobby Lashley on RAW:

Randy Orton made his return to WWE programming after a seven-week absence. Initially, it did seem Orton and Riddle weren’t going to get on the same page as the multi-time WWE World Champion showed his gratitude towards Riddle with an RKO.

However, after Riddle saved Orton from an assault at the hands of AJ Styles and Omos, The Viper officially reunited the team. At SummerSlam, Orton and Riddle captured the RAW Tag Team Championships and, in doing so, won their first tag titles together.


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