Seth Rollins takes a shot at Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in latest tweet

Seth Rollins recently reacted to the news of Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson signing with WWE. But in doing so, he might have irked latest AEW signings Bryan Danielson (fka Daniel Bryan) and CM Punk.

The WWE SmackDown Superstar retweeted the original tweet by WWE and wrote the following:

“Best wrestler in the world coming to the best wrestling company in the world!!! Love to see it! Gable Steveson is WWE!” tweeted Rollins.

While Rollins’ words might look like harmless enthusiasm over the news of Gable Steveson coming to WWE, upon further inspection it can be said that The Messiah’s tweet has a hidden meaning.

Rollins’ tweet about the “best wrestler in the world” could refer to Steveson but it is also the nickname of former WWE star Bryan Danielson. Not only that, but Danielson’s colleague CM Punk, who made his in-ring return at AEW All Out after seven years away, is also famously called the “Best In The World.”

Seth Rollins also spiced things up by referring to WWE as “the best wrestling company in the world.” It goes without saying that WWE has recently come under fire from fans as the overall quality of their shows have been deteriorating.

Seth Rollins is no stranger to controversies

While Seth Rollins is undoubtedly one of the best professional wrestlers of the current era and a huge name in WWE, the four-time world champion is not without his fair share of controversies.

Not long ago, Rollins came under fire for an unsavory tweet made towards NJPW’s Will Ospreay. Rollins, however, later admitted his mistake and apologized to Ospreay.

While it remains to be seen if either Bryan Danielson, CM Punk or someone from AEW will respond to Rollins, the tweet has already caused dissension among fans of both companies on Twitter.

What do you make of Seth Rollins’ tweet? Do you think it is harmless banter or something serious? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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