5 things that must happen on WWE RAW, NXT, and SmackDown this week

Bobby Lashley and MVP decided to enter the Tag Team Turmoil match on WWE RAW. The two made that decision after Randy Orton challenged Lashley to a WWE Championship match.

Lashley and MVP went on to win the Tag Team Turmoil and become RK-Bro’s No.1 contenders. Will Orton win the WWE Championship on Monday before defending the tag team title at Extreme Rules?

William Regal announced a No.1 contender’s match for the WWE NXT Championship. Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly, LA Knight, and Tommaso Ciampa will compete for a chance to get their hands on Samoa Joe.

Meanwhile, Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis will be ready to tie the knot on Tuesday night. How will the InDex wedding turn out on the all-new NXT?

Brock Lesnar returned to create a divide between The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown. Lesnar asked Paul Heyman, as to why he didn’t tell Roman Reigns about his return before SummerSlam.

Meanwhile, Finn Balor returned as ‘The Demon King’ to get in Roman Reigns’ face. Will Balor lose his first match as his alter-ego at Extreme Rules? Or will Lesnar take on Balor for the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel?

Take a look at the five things that must happen on WWE RAW, NXT, and SmackDown this week.

#5. Bobby Lashley must cheat to retain his WWE Championship on RAW

Bobby Lashley accepted Randy Orton’s challenge to a WWE Championship match last week. The two will meet for the big contest this Monday night.

Lashley has been a top performer on RAW for some time now. Meanwhile, The Viper has always found a way to get the better of his opponents. Orton even hit Lashley with an RKO to end last week’s episode.

However, the WWE Champion needs to retain his title to come across as a threat. Afterall, he and MVP will be challenging Orton and Riddle for the RAW Tag Team Championships at the pay-per-view.

With that said, WWE must allow MVP to interfere at a crucial moment in the match. He must attack The Viper, just like he attacked Goldberg, and allow Lashley to retain his WWE Championship.

The angle will allow The All Mighty to keep his title while protecting Orton. Meanwhile, Hurt Business will get an edge over RK-Bro for the Tag Team Championships match. It could also lead to Goldberg’s return for a rematch with Lashley at Crown Jewel.

#4. Jeff Hardy must answer the United States Championship Open Challenge on WWE RAW

WWE booked a couple of controversial segments on RAW last week. None of the segments received as much backlash as the one for the WWE 24/7 Championship.

During the segment, Jeff Hardy came out in hopes of winning the 24/7 title. Instead, he was taken down by the champion who made his getaway. Fans were not happy watching a legend like Hardy being treated in such a manner.

WWE must look to undo some of the damage during this week’s United States Open Challenge. Damian Priest must come out and offer Jeff Hardy a shot at the title.

The two men must have a lengthy contest before Sheamus interferes to draw a disqualification.

The angle will help recover some of the damage done to Hardy’s character. It will also protect him from a loss on RAW. Meanwhile, the rivalry between Sheamus and Priest will get more intense en route to WWE Extreme Rules.

The Archer of Infamy will face Sheamus for the title at Extreme Rules, and The Celtic Warrior will look to ensure that his enemy does not lose the title to anyone except him before the event.

#3. WWE NXT must book a match between Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma

Legado del Fantasma and Hit Row have been building their rivalry well on WWE NXT. Over the past several weeks, the two heel factions have been trying to tear each other down.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott won the NXT North American Championship back in June but has not defended it even once. Meanwhile, Santos Escobar can’t wait to get his hands on Scott and his title.

Legado del Fantasma recently added Elektra Lopez to its fold. Lopez helped Escobar defeat Carmelo Hayes on last week’s show.

WWE must now build towards an eight-person match between the two teams on NXT this week. The two factions must get into a brawl on this week’s episode, forcing William Regal to announce a big match between them.

The match could mark B-Fab and Lopez’s first televised match in the NXT ring. It could also lead to a match between Escobar and Scott for the NXT North American Championship, depending on the outcome.

Scott needs to defend his title soon, and the leader of Legado del Fantasma can give him a good fight. Otherwise, the title’s value can take a major hit in the future.

#2. LA Knight must become the No. 1 contender to the WWE NXT Championship

WWE NXT will host a massive No.1 contenders match this Tuesday. Pete Dunne, Tommaso Ciampa, LA Knight, and Kyle O’Reilly will face off to determine who will challenge Samoa Joe first.

Kyle O’Reilly has been in the NXT Championship picture for some time now and needs to take a break from being at the top. Meanwhile, Tommaso Ciampa is another babyface who should stay away from the title picture and focus on the Dusty Rhodes Tag team Classic tournament.

LA Knight and Pete Dunne are two heels who have the highest chance of winning on Tuesday. WWE has already teased some tension between Dunne and Joe, and the two might have a showdown on the big stage.

However, LA Knight must be given the chance to win this competition and become Samoa Joe’s first challenger. Joe recently returned to the wrestling ring and has only had one match since getting back.

WWE must look to give Joe an easier target to take down. The former Million Dollar Champion’s credibility will not take a hit if he loses against Joe. WWE must allow Knight to pick up a tainted victory and get his first shot at the NXT Championship.

#1. Sami Zayn must enter the Intercontinental Championship picture on WWE SmackDown

Sami Zayn has been one of the most entertaining individuals in WWE for some time now. Zayn’s gimmick has worked well for him, and he has been a great heel over the past several months.

Even though the Conspiracy Theorist has lost most of his recent matches, WWE must reward him with a few championship matches soon.

Shinsuke Nakamura won the Intercontinental Championship from Apollo Crews and hasn’t been able to find a challenger for himself since winning the title. On this week’s SmackDown, WWE must look to bring Sami Zayn into the Intercontinental Championship picture.

The two SmackDown Superstars must be booked in a non-title match. The Conspiracy Theorist must pick up the win by cheating during the match. The angle could lead to a championship match between Nakamura and Zayn for WWE Extreme Rules.

Sami Zayn is great in the ring and could give the king of strong style a solid fight to defend his title on the pay-per-view.

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