3 ways Roman Reigns could lose at Extreme Rules 2021: Paul Heyman gets fired?

Roman Reigns vs. ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor is all set for the Extreme Rules 2021 pay-per-view. This match will likely be the main event of the show, and there are various possible outcomes for this bout.

Roman Reigns accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge on the September 10th episode of SmackDown. As soon as Roman said those words, we saw the lights turn red at Madison Square Garden. Finn Balor made the much-awaited return of his ‘Demon King’ persona, confirming that Roman Reigns will face ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor at Extreme Rules.

WWE is now running two storylines at the same time, i.e. Reigns vs. Lesnar and Reigns vs. Balor. Looking at their long-time rivalry and both being Paul Heyman Guys, Brock Lesnar is the more interesting opponent for Reigns. Fans expect ‘The Tribal Chief’ to defeat ‘The Demon’ clean at Extreme Rules so that he can rekindle his rivalry with The Beast Incarnate.

But what if this match ends unexpectedly? Here are three ways Roman Reigns can lose his match at Extreme Rules 2021.

#3. Extreme Rules witnesses The Demon’s rise as Balor defeats Reigns

The WWE Universe has been waiting for Finn Balor’s main event push for years. The Prince even went back to NXT in 2019 to achieve that main event status. WWE could finally pull the trigger this time.

The alter-ego of Finn Balor has been undefeated on the main roster ever since his first appearance in 2016. This winning streak could continue at Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar may somehow distract Roman Reigns, allowing Finn Balor to take advantage and pick up the win.

The Tribal Chief will then continue his feud with Brock Lesnar. When their rivalry concludes, Reigns can come back for the Universal Title. Until then, Finn Balor can have a decent reign as the Universal Champion. This way, Roman Reigns as well as Finn Balor can maintain the relevancy of their characters.

#2. Brock Lesnar interferes at Extreme Rules, setting up a Triple Threat match for Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar could save Roman Reigns from The Demon
Brock Lesnar could save Roman Reigns from The Demon

To make sure that all three stars remain legitimate, WWE could book an unexpected match for Crown Jewel.

Brock Lesnar could interfere in the Universal Title match at Extreme Rules to make sure that Roman Reigns remains the champion. The Beast has already made clear that he specifically wants to face Roman Reigns.

Lesnar could interfere when Finn Balor is just about to pin Roman Reigns for the three-count. This will lead to Balor’s win via disqualification. Then at Crown Jewel, fans might see all three stars battle it out for the prestigious Universal Championship.

WWE is known for offering as many stars as possible at its Saudi Arabia events. This unclear ending at Extreme Rules could allow WWE to use The Prince, The Tribal Chief as well as The Beast at Crown Jewel.

#1. Paul Heyman accidentally costs Roman Reigns the match at Extreme Rules

This is the most surprising way Roman Reigns can lose his match at Extreme Rules. The Usos will probably interfere in the Universal Title match to ensure their cousin’s win. However, The Demon may be prepared to take them down.

If Finn Balor can take care of The Usos, his likelihood of winning will increase to a great extent. Paul Heyman may have to interfere in the match to prevent Balor from dethroning Reigns at Extreme Rules. Doing this may even lead to tables turning on Roman Reigns, and him getting defeated by Finn Balor.

After the match, The Head of the Table would fire Paul Heyman and blame him for the loss. Reigns could even attack Heyman, which would lead to Brock Lesnar saving his former advocate. This will set up a singles match at Crown Jewel.

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