5 things that can happen when Brock Lesnar shows up on WWE SmackDown

Brock Lesnar is scheduled to return to WWE SmackDown this week. The show will air from Madison Square Garden, with Lesnar being one of the biggest names announced for the show.

Last week on SmackDown, Paul Heyman got a phone call, and the ringtone was that of Brock Lesnar’s theme song.

Heyman did not seem too happy with what went down. Later on, Heyman broke the news to The Head of the Table, Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief’s special counsel told him that Brock Lesnar would be appearing on next week’s SmackDown.

At first, the Universal Champion laughed it off and told Heyman that Lesnar was his problem. This Friday, fans will likely find out whether Brock Lesnar is just Heyman’s problem or also Roman Reigns’.

With that being said, let’s take a look at five things that could possibly happen when Brock Lesnar appears on WWE SmackDown this Friday.

#5. Brock Lesnar announces he’s back full-time on WWE SmackDown


Brock Lesnar has not been part of WWE SmackDown since 2019. He won the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston in a quick match on the debut episode of SmackDown on FOX.

Brock Lesnar’s appearance on SmackDown at Madison Square Garden will be special in many ways. The Beast Incarnate could look to make it even more special by making a monumental announcement on SmackDown.

Lesnar showing up on Friday night and cutting a promo alone in the ring could signal that he’s ready for a solid face run without his former advocate Paul Heyman.

He could then announce that he’s back on SmackDown for a full-time run on the brand. One of Lesnar’s biggest criticisms is him not being around for the weekly shows. A change in his schedule could do wonders for the company.

With Roman Reigns playing the top heel character on SmackDown with the Universal Championship in hand, Lesnar could come in as a legitimate threat to the Head of the Table.

The Beast Incarnate’s new role could help him build a better storyline on the blue brand and allow him to challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship.

A full-time role on SmackDown could help WWE stay on top of the industry at a time when rival promotions are pulling out their trump cards.

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