10 acting cameos by WWE superstars you probably didn’t know

The world of sports entertainment has helped WWE Superstars become some of the most well-known and influential individuals in the industry. Many WWE Superstars have managed to pull thousands of fans to the arena, and this unique quality has boosted their appeal.

Over the years, several top superstars have decided to switch to acting careers. After Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made a full-time switch to become a Hollywood megastar, many WWE Superstars followed in his footsteps.

There are a number of current WWE Superstars that have appeared in a handful of movies. Others are gearing up to play prominent roles in upcoming films.

However, many superstars have made acting cameos in movies that many fans might not know or remember. Take a look at the 10 acting cameos by WWE Superstars you probably don’t know about.

#10. WWE Superstar Zelina Vega was part of Dorothy and the Witches of Oz

Dorothy and the Witches of Oz
Dorothy and the Witches of Oz

Zelina Vega recently made her return to WWE after being released by the company. Vega was seen as a great manager in the company and has proven herself in the ring in recent months.

Outside the ring, fans are aware of Vega’s work as a cosplayer. She portrayed professional wrestler AJ Lee in the sports drama film Fighting with My Family.

In 2012, Vega made a cameo appearance in the film Dorothy and the Witches of Oz as Astoria. Former WWE Superstar Al Snow also played a minor role in the movie.

#9. Randy Orton has played many roles outside WWE, including cameos in Long Shot, Changeland, and Blazing Samurai

14-time WWE World Champion Randy Orton does not need to prove his wrestling skills to anyone in the industry. He is arguably one of the greatest sports entertainers of all time, and he hasn’t tried to branch out into the world of acting full-time like The Rock, Batista, or John Cena.

Orton has played the lead role in two WWE Studios produced movies titled 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded and The Condemned 2. Apart from playing lead roles, The Viper has also played cameos in Long Shot (2019) and Changeland (2019).

While the former WWE Champion has a very short role in Long Shot as Jimmy P, he delivers a few lines in Changeland as Christopher Brooks.

That’s not all, as The Viper has also lent his voice to the animated film Blazing Samurai. He appears in a cameo role as Teddy in the film.

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