Vince Russo says WWE fired tag team for refusing to deliberately hurt their opponents (Exclusive)


Vince Russo has revealed that WWE fired The Harris Brothers after they refused to hurt the Legion of Doom during a match.

Russo, WWE’s head writer in the late 1990s, spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone about the Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax match on RAW. On the subject of WWE matches turning into real fights, he disclosed backstage details about WWE firing The Harris Brothers:

“Chris, do you know why The Harris Brothers were fired from the WWE and why they lost their job?” Russo asked. “They were told to F-up Legion of Doom. The marching orders were to go in the ring and hurt them, and Ronny and Donny Harris were like, ‘No, they’re our friends, we’re not going to do that. No.’ And they were fired,” revealed Russo.

Watch the video above to hear Vince Russo’s full story about The Harris Brothers’ WWE exits. He also discussed the controversial match between Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax on last week’s episode of RAW.

Don Harris and Ron Harris worked under various names in WWE between 1995 and 1999, including The Blu Brothers and The Grimm Twins. They also performed as Skull (Don) and 8-Ball (Ron) in The Disciples of Apocalypse faction.

Vince Russo gives The Harris Brothers credit for standing up to WWE

The Harris Brothers, also known as Creative Control, joined WCW in 1999 after their WWE release. They went on to become three-time WCW World Tag Team Champions.

Vince Russo added that 90 percent of WWE Superstars would likely have agreed with WWE management’s request to beat up the Legion of Doom.

“If you think I’m nuts and Chris is nuts, bro, I can verify this story,” Russo said. “It was a hit. They wanted The Harris Boys to do a hit job on LOD and they said, ‘No, bro, they’re our friends. We’re not doing that.’ But you know what, bro? 90 percent of the people would do that because they’d be afraid of losing their jobs and they wanna get in good with the office. 10 percent would know, ‘I’m gonna say no and we’re gonna be fired and that’s gonna be okay with us.’ 10 percent,” said Russo.

According to, the Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) only faced The Harris Brothers once in a regular WWE tag team match. Competing as Skull and 8-Ball, The Harris Brothers defeated their legendary opponents via disqualification at a live event in Puerto Rico in February 1999.

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