RAW Preview: Possibly bad news for Bobby Lashley and the WWE title, 2 Top stars to beat Champions after just 2 weeks?

Welcome to this week’s edition of RAW Preview. We’re still a few weeks away from the next pay-per-view and WWE decided to keep a month-long gap between SummerSlam and Extreme Rules.

The build started promisingly on RAW, with some good feuds set up for Extreme Rules. In what seems to be a rare move, WWE announced quite a few matches in advance this week for RAW. Here’s what you need to look forward to:

#5. What is next for Bobby Lashley on RAW?

Bobby Lashley didn’t have a great night last Monday on RAW. He was originally scheduled for a non-title match against Sheamus, but that got quietly pulled from the card after plans seemingly changed.

Instead, we had all the RAW male champions out (minus Reggie) and it led to a Triple Threat Match for the United States title between Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Damian Priest, while WWE Champion Lashley and MVP faced RK-Bro in the main event for the RAW Tag Team titles.

Both matches were great, but the main event didn’t end well for Lashley. Riddle got the pin over MVP, while Lashley’s night on RAW ended with him receiving an RKO.

Here is the confusing part – there are clear directions for this episode of RAW for the US title and the Tag Team titles, which we’ll get to later. But funnily enough, there seems to be nothing for Lashley.

This isn’t a good sign for Lashley since he is likely in for a monotonous or uneventful couple of months. The match against Goldberg seems set in stone, with WWE expected to make the announcement later on for a match between the two at Crown Jewel.

Lashley is still going to be on the Extreme Rules card, but for some odd reason, WWE has decided to prioritize a direction for every other title but the most prestigious championship in the entire wrestling/sports entertainment industry.

Lashley might be put into a lackluster feud and a predictable title defense at Extreme Rules 2021. This isn’t a good position for WWE to put their top world champion in.

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